Is my plant looking healthy

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  1. I have A 2 month old plant in veg with 4 13w CFLs and a fan. one of its biggest leaves was ripped off. I'm wondering if my setup is fine and if my plant is looking healthy. There is some minor wind burn also.

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  2. lets look into the crystal ball . so crystal ball will my plants show up good ? images.jpg download.jpg download.jpg how do we know anything with out pics . i took the liberty of posting them for you .
  3. Yeah i forgot. I just put them up
  4. ok plant is health . but the lighting is not enough for anything . if you decide to flower you might get 3 grams. with the lighting you have . if you decide to spend some money on a actual light like a 100 dollar led . i would replant this into a bigger pot and put most of that long stem into the dirt as well plant it deep to get rid of the stretch . then you may pull 10 times as much .
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