Is my plant healthy? First time grower.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cheiftoke, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. hey im a first time grower and new to grasscity,im just wondering if my plant it healthy and doing okay.

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  2. lookin good, update us with info and pics as you go bro. :smoke:
  3. She looks healthy to me.

    Welcome to Grass City. Good luck with your sprout.
  4. Thanks for quick response,and one more thing,she's not growing fast at all I think it's because my life cycle on it is messed up but idk I'll keep you guys updated,,,,thanks
  5. How deep is that styrofoam bowl? It looks like one of those small snack bowls, it's probably not growing because the lack of rooting space..
  6. How old is it??? and watt light is it getting??? id say thats just over 2 weeks from seed as experiance of my own grows from seed???
  7. It's about 5 or 6inches tall, and
    Yea I think that's what it is because
    It's planted right by the side, should I repot it or what?
  8. And it's about 2 weeks old and I'm putting it in sunlight and then when it goes dark I put it under a 100w light I think idk I need to check
  9. Just keep it under the bulb instead of sunlight. and repot it into a bigger container so the plant can spread its roots and breath.
  10. Okay I will when I get home, and what lights should I use for my one plant?
  11. That 100w CFL should be fine. Is it 100w actual, Or 100w equivalent because you don't go by equivalent you go by actual wattage. And you want about 100w per a plant.
  12. I need a new light idk the sure wattage sorry, and I know I'm new and asking alot of questions sorry, but I wanna make a grow box just for one plant that will produce a little more then a half pound, how big should the box be?
  13. 1/2 a LB is pretty much impossible without a lot of experience. With not much experience you will be lucky to get a OZ, if you get a LB it could turn out to not even be good, just start small and work your way up bro. Growing small amounts is better, because it keeps you growing for more smoke ;)
  14. Ya true I love growing already lol, but what's the smallest size grow box I can make to get an oz?
  15. depends how good of a grower you are, I have seen people get 3oz's off 1 plant out of 18 x 20 x 15
  16. How long and how much would that cost to build? And where can I get a cfl light with 100 actual watts, everywhere I see them there all 26w
  17. I recommend getting multiple cfls. For example, four 26W Cfls instead of one 100W Cfl.
    That way, you actually are able to put out more lumens and distribute the light better.
    Also, you're grow box depends on what strain you're growing. Some are known to grow much taller than others, and even the most rigorous bending and training will not keep it short.
    If you know you're strain, do some research on how tall the plant usually gets. Then build you're growbox off that info. Always give it a little extra space too. You should be able to lower/raise your light source if necessary.
  18. So get 4 of them, okay thanks I will and my plant is a bagseed that was really good
  19. When the plant gets older I like to add in 1 2700k bulb, just to have a mixed spectrum.
  20. So 5 lights all together, how should I make my box?

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