Is my plant dying on her own ?

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    20170629_205448.jpg 20170629_205448.jpg 20170629_205634.jpg 20170629_205512.jpg 20170629_205643.jpg Heres an Ice strain in soil that as of 3 days ago was looking strong and healthy. Now she all droopy, all fan leaves look to be dying ( which I know should happen) but this is different. The leaves aren't perking up at all, just drooping more as the days go. I hadn't watered in 3 days and I barely get runoff when I do so I doubt she over watered. It doesn't seem to be near time for chop neither because the buds aren't really tight or hard. 3 other plants/strains in same grow space are doing fine....any help please?

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  2. Looks actually under watered to me. I would also recommend uploading higher quality pictures if you want better help.
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  3. k...gimme a sec.
  4. I water at least twice a week, til runoff. But I did water about a hour ago and she may be looking better already. Guess ill
    see if she's perky or droopy tomorrow...

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