Is my plant dual sex? picturez; assistance plz

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  1. Okay, so my entire plant is about four feet tall, the entire plant has white clusters of hair all over, the typical female sex, and very obviously, most this plant is female.

    One branch has these little well, pods I guess, its not pods at intersections, well, pictures: 98% of the plant

    on this branch the very end has those things which give off a yellow powder, I assume polin, below the branch it has the classic signs of being a female.

    Should I cut er off and smoke er? should i let my plant grow as is and get a lot of bud and one tiny male spot to give myself future seeds? can it polinate itself?
  2. wow your plant looks sexy , to bad it's turned hermie..:(
  3. 98% of the plant is female, will the very end of one small branch being male really fuck up my plant? should I cut it and smoke it?

    can it self polinate etc etc?
  4. i would just cut the male part off but its not worth smoking, hope u get to it b4 the sacks open up.... I have never had ne experience with hermies yet thank god but thats what i wpi;d dp
  5. Daaang that sucks, while growing with my roomate I've had some experience with hermies. Wow that really sucks.... You stressed your plant too much - horrible conditions durring recent period of flowering I Guess. The bud on your plant is going to be weaker than it could have been, now that energy is spent on a whole new routine. Chances are the finish buds will not be resinous. Cut it off ASAP - use a sterile(heated and/or rinsed with hydrogen proxide) straight blade.
  6. Cut and dispose of the unwanted parts early, the rest of the plant will be fine. Grow on.
  7. All but the ones in the picture weren't yet developed at all, i cut the developed ones, cut the ones I could tell were going that way on different parts of the plant, theres still a couple of spots that may or may not be male parts, among the massive clusters of pistils but i don't think so.

    i think she'll be fine.
  8. Oh my god!!

    HAPPY DAY. Are those two pictures of the same plant? Woohooo. Finally someone has shown me a hermie!! I am so happy :) Toasty do you believe it!?!? Now I can finally say that 99.5% of the hermie posts are bullshit and .5% (yours Iscariot) are legit. Dude you are a lucky guy. If you save the pollen from the male sacks you can later fertilize a (or one branch) of a female and get all female (feminized) seeds. That’s awesome!!

    :Edit: What were your light conditions like during flower? Was there a light leak around the area where the male flowers showed up?
  9. How 'bout this photo I recently came across elsewhere, a true 50/50...

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  10. That one is cool.
    Don't think it will give female seeds though. Definite 50/50.
  11. Yep, my first grow.

    Woohooo. Finally someone has shown me a hermie!! I am so happy :) Toasty do you believe it!?!? Now I can finally say that 99.5% of the hermie posts are bullshit and .5% (yours Iscariot) are legit.

    god-damn in my haste to save the plant i cut off all the male parts, cooked them a bit, and am getting ready to spoke it, i've read you can make a pretty potent hash from the plant.

    I am pretty sure more will grow and I can save and harvest some of that golden powder!!! :D sweet. Well, worse comes to worse i fixed the problem 100% and i can't harvest it, and my weed stays pretty potent.

    Um i'll tell you what I expect, I am using half the dose of a 20/20/20 during flowering, hoping it works out to 10/10/10, I have become pretty lax with my lighting schedule, keeping it in both light and dark periods longer than it should be, and throwing it back on the light/dark without giving it the full, there may be slight light leaks (don't think) but I just stopped taking care of the lighting schedules with 100%

    thats not saying I fucked my plant over by always having it like that, I just missed it a numerable amount of times.

    Y'know although I hate the idea of my plant being fucked up, it is my first attempt and I almost feel privledged to see such a... strange occurance in the plant.
  12. oh, trust me, it was worth smoking. I threw it in the stove on low for awhile so it was smokable, even though it was basically some leaves, stem, pods, and pollin, i got a decent buzz.

    I'm used to smoking HQT too, I mean, its not comparable by any means bowl for bowl, but why not smoke a couple of bowls and get a good high? its free.
  13. I just toss males into trim bag let em dry and make honey oil, No waste!

  14. Yes the light schedule namely not long enough day periods will definitely do it. Check for light leaks if you can go into your closet. I think there could be a leak because the male flowers were just in one area, not sporadic up and down the plant. Another way to get a hermie is to just let the plant over ripen (Don't know who in their right mind can do that). I suppose one could harvest the majority of the plant and leave some buds on there to over ripen. Of course putting Gibberellic acid will make the treated area go hermie.
  15. i've got a good question involving my grow for someone who KNOWS the answer. My drug dealer gave me a bunch of what he said were hermaphrodite seeds, im growing them right now with half regular seeds, is there such a thing as hermaphrodite seeds because some1 was saying that they can only appear under bad growing conditions? and if so, will it fuck up my grow show and pollinate the entire grow or can i just cut out the sacks when they appear.

  16. A hermaphrodite seed is most likely a seed that grew inside a female bud that was pollinated by a hermaphrodites male sac. As I said above, this seed should be feminized or 99% female. If you get a hermie that is an otherwise female plant with a few male sacs, take all the pollen sacs off and trash them or store them so you can later fertilize a female plant for female seeds.
  17. nvm i found the answer doing a little research an got tired waiting for reply, but for those who want to kno the answer to my question, yes, there are hermi seeds and they can be grown and have the sacs cut out but this MUST be a daily inspection for a sinsemilla grow-operation.
  18. well looks like smkn beat me to the punch, im alot happier now knowing my hermies arnt gunna fuck up my entire grow, thnks for the info smkn, so your saying my plants will be 99% female, so there won't be any shoots that i have to cut and destroy what could have been bud growth. and if i do it will be little right.
  19. U might want to check for light leakage in your Grow room. Single branches can become hermie if they touch light in there dark cycle. You can simply cut the end of that branch off befor it pollenates the other buds and if that happens your gonna be left with a buch of seedy buds.

  20. Yo man.
    If you want the hermie plant to bee sinsemilla you SHOULD cut off the male pollen sacks; if you don't it will seed your plant. When you cut them off, save the pollen for later or use it right away to do a CONTROLED pollination of the buds on one branch for example. The resulting seeds on this one controlled, pollinated bud, will render seeds that are 99% female (feminized). If you are a beginner and you do not want to get into hybridization, just cut the balls off of the plant. Here is an entry from marijuana guru Mel Frank's book the Marijuana Growers Inside Guide that explains how to do a CONTROLLED pollination:

    • General breeding and hybridization

    Raise the males in a separate area free of wind and drafts. When many flowers start to open, move some of the females close to the males, and shack the males a few times over a period of days. Wait two days to allow pollen time to fertilize. Now spray the females thoroughly with water. Shake them dry, and bring them back to the female garden. This procedure keeps other females free of contamination from stray pollen carried in by the fertilized females

    Seeding selected buds

    Most growers don't want to completely seed their crop. Also, you may want to use several varieties to pollinate different branches on one female. No problem. Just carefully hand pollinate selected buds. A single bud will give you anywhere from 30 to 100 or more seeds (one good branch can give you 500) so you don't need to pollinate much of the plant. You must though be methodical. Before you pollinate any bud, label each branch that you intend to seed. Avoid top branches, since there is more chance of pollen falling onto other branches. The buds should be well-formed, and stigmas must be white and fresh. Withered stigmas mean that the flower is no longer receptive to pollen. Use string tied labels or masking tape to label the bud with your cross. Write in dark pencil (most inks fade or wash away). Write the date variety, and the number of both the male and female, and affix the label to the branch.

    The simplest procedure is to take a clean finger or an artists brush, dip it into the pollen, and gently brush the female flowers (stigmas). A little contamination from stray pollen occurs but, there will be few random seeds if you are careful and gentle. You can, of course, remove the plant during pollination into another room with males, or simply perform the pollinating away from other females, and there will be no contamination. Each time you use a different male's pollen, rinse your hands first and wipe them thoroughly before applying new pollen.

    [Let me know if you are doing this outdoors and I will suggest an outdoor method].

    A healthy female forms viable seeds in from 10 days to 6 weeks. Four or 5 weeks is usual. Wait until you see dark plump seeds splitting their bracts before harvesting. In most cases, you can't wait too long but, you can harvest too early. If seeds are still green or white they are still to immature.

    Hope this helps.

    Frank p. 300

    • Producing Female seeds by Mel Frank p. 296,297

    To develop seed that will yield exclusively female plants requires some luck and careful observation, but it is simple. Remember that some female plants occasionally bear an isolated male flower. Marijuana plants are normally either female (xx chromosomes) or male (xy chromosome). MJ plants, although predisposed genetically to be male or female, have a degree of latitude that very often is affected by the environment. A plant that should be exclusively female may bear an occasional male flower and vice versa. THE POLLEN FROM THIS ISOLATED MALE FLOWER ON A FEMALE PLANT HAS ONLY THE X CHROMOSOMES, the genes for female plants. By carefully collecting the pollen from this male flower and pollinating female flowers (which also carry only x chromosomes), ALL THE RESULTING SEED WILL YIELD PROSPECTIVELY FEMALE PLANTS (XX CHROMOSOMES).

    The only difficulty to producing female seed is in finding an actual source of female pollen. Many South East Asian plants characteristically bear some male flowers among mostly female flowering buds. These seeds give rise to seeds that will reflect their parents; that is, female buds mixed with male flowers. Don't breed these natural hermaphrodites. What you want to find is that rare female plant that perhaps develops one or two male flowers. This plant is genetically female. Carefully collect her pollen, and fertilize an exclusively female plant; ALL THE RESULTING SEEDS DEVELOP INTO PURE FEMALES. The only other certain candidate for female pollen is a female that has flowered well with pure female flowers, but late in life the plant reverses to male flowering. This is not that unusual when the plants are left to grow for an extended time, or if there is an erratic photoperiod.

    Usually you have to wait for an unusual happenstance to find a solitary male flower on a female plant, but, there are presently known SIX DIFFERENT CHEMICAL TREATMENTS THAT INDUCE FERTILE MALE FLOWERS TO GROW ON FEMALE PLANTS. Gibberellic Acid (GA) is the chemical most commonly available

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