is my plant dead?? (is there still hope?)

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  1. 2 weeks ago sunday, i started growing some plants...they 1st started in plastic cups (10 seeds to a cup....i know it was bad) sitting by a window (and had a 50 watt cfls on it) well since then i put them in a lil grow room. which know has 10 plants in there own pots, organic soil(no ferts), 4x 100 w and 1x50w (cfls) and i have 1 fan with the lights on 18/6.

    my concern is since i planted the plants in bigger pots, 1 plant fell over (stem was real weak) so sice it was on the dirt i pretty much burried the stem (so just the lil leaves were above the soil...but the soil was loose packed).....since then it just seems to get weaker (the stem feels like a limp string) now i believe it's in shock, but is there still hope?? or does the stem's condition mean my lil girl didnt make it?:(
  2. c'mon 12 views but no comments?
  3. my lil plant needs your help
  4. HIGH All, first time I seen your post Bro....been out with the Dogs.

    How WET was the soil?? Maybe you did something during Transplant. All I can say is just leaf it alone for now...some might say dig it up, don''s been though enough All ready. Let's just hope tomorrow will be a Brighter day.

    Edit: I have to Grow soon my Friend...if I log'll be the first I see when I log in.
  5. hey thanks for your reply:hello: as far as the dry's up pretty quick (all my plants do) but i dont see water on the drain trays (so the plants are drinking h2o) but this lil plant hasnt shown any signs of recovery (still limp and on the soil....stem is real thin) still watering it and it's in the grow room with the other's (i just dont wanna waste precious space/light on a dead plant.....i still have 9 more)
  6. dude trash all your seedlings and start over. use 3 inch peet pots with only 1 good quality seed each . you are watering too much. keep it simple at first,and read up on growing and soon u will get the knack of it all.
  7. i didnt plan on growing this many for my 1st time...but my girl threw all my seeds into the cups, so i dont wanna give up on all of them. as far as the water....whenever i check them and the soil is dry i water them whit a spray bottle (a lil h2o on the leaves and squirt some on the soil). arent you supposed to water whenever plant is dry?
  8. the other nine are fine, right? If so, I wouldn't fret over one plant.

    By the way, I read somewhere you should stick your finger down into the soil about an inch. If it's dry an inch down, water. If it's moist, but not soaked, you're fine. Be careful not to over water and good luck.
  9. yeah i know the other 9 are fine but i dont want to loose any if ican help it, as far as 1" in the soil....thats the method i've been using to check for watering
  10. Hey Nice Guy, folks here can't answer every post within a few minutes.

    You described your lights and cycles and such but not enough about your plants, so I for one have a hard time getting a handle on what might be going on. How tall? How many leaves? Are the stems stretchy? How long have they been in the bigger pots? Distance to lights?

    My immediate suspicion is either overwatering and/or light too far away. Keep in mind that soil dries out quicker in little pots than big ones. Once they are in bigger pots I like to water the day after they become dry, not as soon as they are dry. And when you water do so slowly and thoroughly, until water runs out of the bottom drainage holes. In addition to the knuckle-in-the-soil method try this: pick up your pots when they need watering to feel the "light" weight, then pick them up right after a thorough watering to feel the "heavy" weight, then don't even think about watering until they feel close to the "light" weight again.

    You said you didn't plan on growing this many anyway, so if one dies and the other nine are doing fine you are way ahead of the game.
  11. This snap diagnosis seems unsupported by the little evidence presented. If the other nine are doing fine then definitely don't trash them.

  12. Do NOT use peat pots. They are no good. Roots can grow right through them and they absorb so much water that it makes them difficult to tell how dry or wet the soil is amongst many things. Also, never trash a living thin unless totally necessary. Don't give up so easily. They might just make it. If they do and you get a female, you can keep her forever and clone an indefinite amount of plants off of her. If you trash it that guarantees you get nothing.
  13. 1) sorry but it was over 3 hours(for a reply) but i was just worried about my plant
    2) plants are about 3" tall
    3) most of the plants have 4 leaves some still only have 2
    4) the steams are stretchy but i think that came from sitting by the window
    5) they were transplanted to the bigger post about 8 days ago
    6) now my distance might be an issue to some plants (some plants are as close as 3-4"...while others might be 1' away) (again i grew more than expected)

    now about the watering: i've been using a spray bottle, when i put my finger in the soil and if it feels dry i spray water over the top of the leaves(lightly) and over the top of the soil(but i dont soak it) so far water hasn't came out the bottom of the pot (i assume the water is just being absorbed) am i watering enough??

    thanks for the help people:hello:

  14. Don't think so. Water with about half the amount that your pot is. Five gallon pot, water with 2.5 gallons of water. You should see water running out of the bottom. If you have good soil and pot drainage, they will not get over watered. Oh, stop spraying too. If the surface of your soil is continuously wet, mold can form. Just water once all the way through and don't touch them for 5 days or however long it takes soil to dry 1 inch deep.
  15. are you people blind he said he put 10 seeds in one cup just to let you know dude 1 seed per pot or cup dont really feel like helping you cause you just sound lazy read more press the search button go to the grow journals do sumthing dont expect were gonna just do it all for yoo
  16. thank's man

  17. 1st off read my whole post, each plant has it's own pot.

    2nd why even post a comment if your not gonna help, dont make a post just to say you wont help.

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