Is my plant begining to flower or not?

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  1. hi guys, first time poster here... I have a couple outdoor plants I moved about 2 weeks ago into a shadier area... they lost about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. the days here are still 14 to 15 hours of light I would assume that the shade wouldn't make them bud already?????!!!!!.. they have started making shorter stacks on the nodes... and a some of the new growth is 4 leafin it. ... ( I have not seen any white pistols coming out of the tops yet so i'm just curiuos why all of the sudden they are making shorter stacks than they were? when I moved them I had also tied the top down so the lower branches would fight to be the top cola *trying to create a bushy plant without topping her*… I don't know if that would have an effect on the nodes being shorter.. any ideas? Questions? thanks!
  2. i'll get some this evening
  3. What's up newcomer welcome to The Forum- to initiate flower the plant needs 12 hours of uninterrupted Darkness I would look up your town or zip code and see exactly how much daylight you guys have been having I threw an extra plan in one of my outdoor raised beds and started showing me pollen sacs about a week ago
  4. Thanks, and yea I've looked up the daylight here.... so what your saying is its impossible for it to bud unless its got 12 hours of continual darkness? so shade shouldn't be a problem then?
  5. As long as they get some filtered sun they'll be fine. Depending on the strain it could already be going into flower. With the shorter nodes and slowed growth, sounds like it. If they weren't getting enough light, they would be stretching out longer nodes. The biggest issue in the shade is mold if the sun can't burn off that morning dew. That and bugs love the shade. Good luck.
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    A plant will start flowering as soon as there's less than 14.5 hrs of daylight. 12/12 is a indoor thing
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  7. I have experienced this in person. I moved a bunch of plants into a shade line before to make room for the dirt truck to pass and did not move them back.
    A week later boss showed up and said
    " look at this ! There going into flower you cant do that pay attention."
    3 weeks later they went into full bloom .
    They were monstrous auto flowers we had no idea they put out 2+ pounds of "moldy fluffy brown bud" each.
    The tree line will not trigger autotrophic plants . To flower.
    The facts are if you look up to the sky from under a tree you will notice the leaves are bright green were no leaves over lap leaves lower down get darker until bottom leaves are forest green.
    The colors red and blue are filtered through each leaves until the lower leaves receive only green light the valuable wavelengths have been absorbed by upper leaves . That is why everything in nature is green. Because that is the only color left and not being used by the plant.
    So that's what we see.
    The color green actually triggers the plant to kill leaves when only green hits the lower level of the plant it tells the plant that the leaves are no longer of any use . That's why lower leaves turn yellow and die on "every plant" in nature.
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  8. A good example is if you walk into a grow room with "purple looking led lights"
    Turn on a green light and the purple disappears and turns into normal outside light. This is why you must have a green headlamp so you can actually see what the plants look like in real time for pest and deficiency issues.
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  9. interesting thanks! here are some pictures hopefully I took enough to show what i'm talking about... theres also a leaf issue going on …. looks the leaf is trying to dry out.. its almost like its wrinkling.... a slight burn on the wrinkly ones too.. I looked through hundreds of leaf deficiency pictures and found nothing at all compared to what mine look like... other than a nutrient burn...………. anyways aside from that … I wanna get back to the original topic first.. I want to know if my plants are preflowering and beginning to go into bloom? both plants on the leaves below the tops ..(lower nodes) are 4 leafing and I think some are even 3 leafin it.
  10. if I need to retake these let me know please.. or a specific part of the plant maybe...

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