Is My Plant A Male? Newbie Here.

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  1. Plant is a little over a month old, approx. a foot tall, growing outdoor, recently TRIED to FIM but only one shoot came up and the other seems like it's not gonna come up. lol luckily it's only mids. i guess practice makes perfect. i noticed little ball sac looking things as well recently but i didn't think you could tell sex until flowering starts. any advice appreciated! :D sorry if the pics are sideways! GC rotated it while uploading for some reason!

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  2. Sorry I just cannot tell from them photos,are you able to get one abit clearer for me please
  3. Another week or so to go properly tell the diff?
  4. They'll show their sex when they want, doesn't have to be put into flowering.
    30-45days they'll show the goods.
  5. looks like new tops to me. dont see the ball sacs you mention?
  6. i'm sorry about the pics, i have to use my phone to take them and focusing is kinda hard. are these what new tops look like? i guess i was mistaken lol trying to learn all i can since i've just started! they do kinda have like a ball-ish quality to them tho in a way

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  7. I will post up a photo for you later that will show you what a male and female preflowers look like,unless another member posts it before then for you.
  8. aww you don't have to do all that, i've tried studying everything i can and have looked multiple times of male and female preflowers.. just wanted someone who knows what they're talking about to give me advice! thanks tho! :D

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