Is my plant a lost cause?

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  1. I'm pretty depressed about the progress of my plant. This is my first grow and I only have the space to do a single plant at a time. I used miracle grow because of a book I read, and I also wanted to avoid using nutrients for this first time. The seed I planted is a Northern Lights Auto Feminized from True North Seed bank/Royal Queen seeds. This is day 64 from the time I put my non-germinated seed into its pot but there's no signs of bud anywhere. All of the cola leaves are closed. There are white hairs along the stems and definitely an odor, but no buds at all. The seed bank website says that flowering time is 9-10 weeks. I dunno if I've miscalculated the grow time or what stage my plant is in, but I know that it's been 64 days and all it's done is grow in height (47 inches tall right now). It's not nearly as bushy as every other plant I've seen online. Again, I'm pretty depressed about this. BTW, I've got 160 watts worth of CFLs on 24 hours a day and I adjust them every other day. Anyway, here are some pictures of the closed leaves.

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  2. their not budding because you got the lights on 24 hours a day, you need to put the lights on 12/12 -12 on 12 0ff , best schedule for flowering, then they will start to bud. also never have your lights on 24 hours some people say to, but it stresses the plants out they need rest, best schedule for veg is 18/6. 18 on/ 6 hours off.
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  3. The seed I planted is autoflowering and I thought you could keep the lights on 24 hours with those. White hairs started appearing weeks ago and I thought that meant it had started flowering. Am I wrong? Could it still be vegging with white hairs? That's the only reason why I haven't switched to 12-12 light schedule. I read a few posts that said some autoflowering seeds are not autoflowering at all and need 12-12 light, but the white hairs on my plant lead me to believe that switching the light schedule wouldn't help as it was already starting to flower.

    BTW, thanks for the speedy reply
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  4. no, autoflowers still need 12/12 light schedule, autoflowering just guarantee's that the plant will flower in that designated time schedule for how ever long it says to flower. the white hairs does mean it started flowering.
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  5. I'm really, really hesitant to switch the light schedule but I'm gonna give it a shot. I'll add more light for the on periods to ease my anxiety of putting my plant in darkness. This is the first and last time that I'll be using autoflowering. What a headache.
  6. What's wrong with a darkness period?

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  7. Also I don't know if you're gonna have good buds with out any nutrients.
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  8. I think you had to restrict and reduce the grow size with such a small light wattage.. it seems you use a whole bathroom?

    This way your light is gonna dissipate around the bathroom..

    By the way... you really need to switch your light period..
    And use nutes!

    Good lucky
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  9. This is very WRONG information I grow ALL of my auto's on a 24/0 light schedule till about the last week at which point I go to a 20/4 schedule. Most auto flowering growers run this schedule. Sure there are auto plants that are just duds that will take a 18/6 or 12/12 to go into full flower but they are a very small percentage. I have ran a run of 4 Nirvana Blue Mystics all on 20/4 at the time and 1 plant just refused to enter full flower. I pulled her out into a dark closet 12 hours a day to force her into flower which after a week it did but once back under 20/4 with her sisters she reverted back to veg so I pulled her all together. My last auto flower in a 3.5gallon bubble bucket(Mephisto Sour Crack) was 21" tall by 30"+ wide and pulled 1,030grams wet! All on a 24/0-20/4 schedule.

    As for the OP yes he should just do a flip to 12/12 as this plant most likely needs the help genetic wise with weak auto traits. Plus she really needs much much more light, don't forget you should be using a bulb at 2700K for flower.
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  10. Your getting terrible info op. DO NOT 12 your auto.

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  11. Yeah, the whole bathroom gets lit. I had a cover over the shower stall but it was getting too warm and I wasn't sure if it was even making a difference. I haven't done much reading at all on light leaks because I thought it was mostly about security and not alerting others to a grow, but that's not an issue for me so I just let it flood the bathroom. Should I really try and restrict the light? I had the plant in some crates but it outgrew them.

    What about switching to 18/6?

    Thanks for your post. How long do your autos usually take from seed to harvest?
  12. 18 6 is good 20 4 is good

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  13. cool, thanks. Do you think I should add more lights? I have five 23w bulbs at 2700k and one 40w at 4100k (i read somewhere that mixing up the color temperature is good).

    That doesn't bother me too much. I wanted to do as basic a grow as possible for my first try because I don't have a lot of space to work with and I wanted to test out whether I could do this long term at my current house or not.
  14. You don't 12/12 an Auto. Mine is on 18/6! You need more bulbs if you want a bigger yield! That plant is a Sativa isn't it? It's really tall for an Auto flower! Are you sure it wasn't a feminized seed?

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  15. Yeah, you definitely need more light. That poor baby has tried to flower the best it could based on the light you are using, but it's not enough focused light.
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  16. I don't think that's Northern Lights! It looks be Feminized not an Auto! This is a northern lights auto. Don't get me wrong she's beautiful but I think it's Sativa dominated, cause Sativa takes a little more time to Grow! And autos are usually more Bushy!!! Especially northern lights are usually smaller plants, not 47 inches they usually don't grow over 2-3 feet and your plant isn't even done yet! Good Luck Looks Good

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  17. Here's a picture of northern lights Auto.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. Please stop misinforming this man. Autoflowers DO NOT NEED 12/12 light. In rare cases with funky genetics like these, 12/12 or 18/6 might spark her up to speed. Autoflowering means the plant flowers dependent on age, not light..

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  19. I ordered a northern lights autoflowering feminized seed, but I might have been given a different strain. It started out well enough when I had her in some crates, but it outgrew my enclosure and once I moved it to the bathroom, the main stem grew like a maniac while the rest grew at a much slower rate. I didn't think removing it from the crates would make a big difference since they were only lined with tin foil, but I guess it did. I also re-potted it after it seemingly stopped growing for a few days, so that probably played a role in why it got so big. I'm gonna try switching to 18/6 and adding more light, see how that goes. Thanks for all the help guys




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    I see what you mean PG, it was really Bushy! It's still a Beautiful Girl!!! I started off with Cfl's in a 50 gallon bid. I lined it with the Mylar you use in ur car to cool your steering wheelit was set up Good I had 3/26 watt Cfl's per plant and a big fan in my closet! Here's a picture of my old Grow my plants are on 18/6l![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Good Luck

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