Is My Plant A Hermi?

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    hi guys could you let me know if my plant is a on the turn??? my light timer broke  when I went away for 5 days during the 4th week of flowering... this is a 1.3 foot white widow plant grown under CFLs in 75 Degrees. I feed it CANA COCA a A+B.... please have a look and let me know. this is also my first grow....
    thanks Max  


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  2. Your plant is very advanced female, for her to turn now would be impressive to say the least, and even if it did, it would really be an issue if you where trying to breed from her
  3. So did it get to much light or darkness?  First pic is way to grainy to see anything important and the other 3 shows just female parts no hermie parts.
  4. Thanks for the replies... Um it has had 5days of light.... There are small little pods at the base of the fan leifs could these be balls?
  5. The pods I mean are the ones I the 3rd picture ...?
  6. The pear shaped pod is a calyx and the hairs coming out are pistols. It's a normal female flower bud.
  7. that would be correct! no worries OP

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