Is my plant a hermaphrodite?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Domo123, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. I have been growing a cannabis plant and at first it was showing signs of being female with the white hairs that cross over each other, but now i’m starting to see what looks like pollen sacs that i was told mean it’s male. This is my first grow and i’m just wondering if this plant will grow to create smokeable buds or not.

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  2. Sorry to say, but I think that plant May be a male, if it’s not a male than yes it’s 100% herming out.
  3. That's definitely Male sacks. It could be hermie which still produces buds. 1 of my crops were hermie it's still good weed just seeds in it. Pull those sacks off carefully n get them out of there pollen spreads far flush em down the toilet.
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  4. I don't see any indication that it's female in those pics. Looks 100% male to me.
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  5. The plant has areas that look like they will grow bud, but since it is my first grow i’m not 100% sure.

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  6. Have u flipped it into 12-12 yet or are those pollen sacs showing up when your in veg.
  7. It’s growing outdoors and so i have let nature do it’s thing and naturally go into flower when it’s ready.
  8. Oh ya I have 1 on my balcony it's starting to show its sex now . Yours is prob pure Male. Keep it going though if it's your only plant it could be a hermie . Do u see any white hairs at all.
  9. It is my only plant. And if the first picture attached isn’t white hairs then i’m not seeing any. In certain spots i have what’s in the second pic. Idk if the second pic is any indication it will flower.

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  10. The sacs are only at the top of the plant. Most of the plant does not have sacs on it. What should I do with the plant?
  11. Those are not pistils - they are stipules. I suspected that's what you were looking at when you said they crossed over each other in your original post. I see nothing but balls - sorry.
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  12. Kill it.
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  13. White hairs come out of calyxs and you dont have any, your plant is a male, grow it out though since its your only plant, that way you can experience what a male plant is, you will not grow any bud, just all pollen sacks and than it dies, sorry for your luck

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