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Is my pipe still usable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushmane6, May 11, 2011.

  1. I was cleaning the bowl and a part from the little circle inside the bowl chipped off. Now there's a shard of glass in the pipe, it's too big pull out of the mouthpiece and it's too hard to maneuver it in the pipe to pull it out of the little circle in the middle. I'm concerned because there is a shard of glass that can possibly be inhaled. I'll post a pic of my pipe later, just wanted to get my question out now. What do you all think yay or nay?
  2. I think as long as it won't fit out of the mouse piece you should be fine. Make sure you use a screen though, especially since the hole is larger now. Also be extra careful, if the piece inside were to break again, then you might be able to pull it through.

    Mind you, its not like a new pipe is very much...
  3. So wait, if it's to big to come out the mouthpiece how can u inhale it? lol... id try to get it out the circle some way might even have to chip a little more off and use a screen after that.
  4. it only one way to find out...
  5. put a glass blowing torch to it.
    It should melt the two together!
  6. hey everyone thanks for the feedback here's the pics. just worried about that shard of glass and if anyone has any ideas to fix it that'd be even better!

    [​IMG] here you can see the glass shard at the by end of the mouthpiece

    [​IMG] here's another pic

    [​IMG] here you can kinda see the circle in the middle of the bowl is not so much a circle anymore and is a lot bigger, sorry this pic is so bad.
  7. If it still holds weed I wouldn't think there is much danger since the piece is all the way up by the mouthpiece...Unless of course you smoke in some really fucked up manner.
  8. You could always break the piece into more pieces so it falls out and is loose.

  9. Thanks, i tried that already, but i can't find anything that's strong and small enough to fit in the mouthpiece to break it
  10. yeah. try tweezers or a a small pair of needlenose pliers.
  11. Screwdriver? A Nail?
  12. OP could end up breaking the piece by accident again. I'd definitely try and crush the broken piece with tweezers if you have them. if that doesn't work, try the nail/screwdriver, you don't have much to lose. Also try shaking the bowl, to see if that will break the piece up.

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