Is my oil rig flawed?-please help video

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  2. there is no flaw, its like a inverted showerhead. But it does seem like less water would work since its going pretty high into the mouth piece.
  3. Put just enough water so that the perc functions. I would say its flawed in the sense that its gives splash back, but thats just because of its size and design.
  4. theres just too much water in it, try maybe half that much water.
  5. you have way to much water
  6. The excessive water was for demonstration, even wen I just put barley enough to cover the perk it just gets sucked up. I've just never seen a piece that was designed to hit like this. It amost seems like this was a first attempt at glass blowing and the guy just didn't have enough experience and made a mistake somewhere in the physics. The only thing similar I can find is the micro or macro but the joint is more elevated so It doesn't have the same issue. Thanks a lot guys really appreciate it
  7. Look up showercap percs

    The perc is meant to function that way. You should have asked if you could do a water test before you bought it =/
  8. yeh that perc is suppose to function exactly that way lol
  9. You just have too much water in it. Those percs require a minimal amount of water to function correctly. Just play with it until the water doesn't come into the mouth piece

    It does seem like that one does rocket the water up there though
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    This Does the exact same thing right? Never heard of a shower cap before but that def puts my mind at ease. Also I can still return it if I clean it so no biggie if it actually is broken but I guess it isn't. Now the real question, was it worth the 100 I paid for it? Or can I do better?
  11. He also has way too much water and yeah 100 bucks is a good deal
  12. yea wehavethecure you only need enough water to cover the slits, far less drag, just as smooth. And for the OP, look up SYN shower cap bongs and youll find yours functions perfectly fine.
  13. Awesome case closed I guess. Anybody looking to up thier karma even more can reply to my other thread

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