Is my mom a bad mom?

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  1. I know stupid post but I am just curious on your opinions. Yes I am 18 and considered an adult(so to speak) but I still live with my parents and I live by their rules respectively. Surprisingly my mom doesn't care that I smoke. Well she does and she wants me to succeed in life but is O.K. with it as long as I get my priorities straight which I totally agree with. Heck she even lets me do it in my own room but as a price I have to give her some hehe. The point is some of my friends know this and say she isn't doing her "job". They say she should of took it away and punished me. Beyond the fact that I am not a kid anymore I personally think there is nothing wrong with it. Sure it may be my biased view but I am harming no one. I don't bring anyone into it and would never think to pressure anyone. I am under adult supervision and I am minding my own damn business. Is this to say that I am wrong and she is as well? Even if she did punish me I wouldn't just magically stop. I am not "addicted" by any means and only smoke occasionally. It just seems like regardless of what she would of done it wouldn't matter.
  2. Your friends are lowkey jealous. And to counter it, they're saying your mom isn't doing her job. Nuff said.
  3. Drop them friends, bunch o bitches. It's not like your mom is supplying you or anything like that. Funny she charges you a lil smoke though haha.
  4. Umm.. what do they mean she isn't doing her job? She isn't raising a little kid anymore. Your both adults that enjoy weed.

    Q - Whats the real problem?
    A - Your friends for being dumbasses
  5. Funny, I bet they wouldn't think the same thing if you were a young adult, enjoying an occasional beer or glass of wine.
  6. Hahaha I get your point. Some of my friends thinks it's cool as hell I was just wondering on your opinions. It's not like she was telling me to smoke. To be honest I thought she would be pissed even though she used to be a huge stoner xD
  7. Haha do your friends not smoke or something?
  8. Yeah that's true and funny thing is I brought up that topic. Apparently beer is ok but man weed is horrible. They are still under the impression that marijuana literally makes you brain dead. It's stupid as hell because when I say something stupid on accident or even kidding they call me out and blame the weed. Some of them just joke about it but I swear a few of my friends are idiots. They are still cool to hang out with and talk to besides that point:devious:

  9. Man I would ditch those kids and find some stoner buddies but that's just me :smoke:
  10. The ones that do thinks it's the coolest thing ever and naturally the ones that don't think I am retarded and that my mom is being a bad role model. Honestly at 18 don't you think I know how to make decisions by now? haha
  11. No you're mom is being super chill and civil. You're friends sound like idiots.
  12. I don't know...I mean, you didn't turn out all that bad, did ya?

    I'm assuming you don't do crazy things with animals, safely I hope.:cool:
  13. I'd like to think I am completely sane :D
  14. Which makes your friends crazy...Be wary.:cool:
  15. Howabout you introduce me too your lovely mother, I'll get back too you on just how bad your mommy is. :cool::D
  16. hahah I will consider it..... ;)
  17. I think they are just jealous....
  18. my mom spent 5k for some british dude to fly out here and for her to stay with him in an expensive ass hotel and food for a week, shit was rediculous she was still married too, the divorce is still going through but yeah your moms not bad. my mom didn't smoke but she was cool about it.
  19. Your friends need to be spread on a bagel because they are jelly!
  20. shes approaching it like another person.

    not like the over bearing mothers we hear about daily

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