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Is my Marijuana laced?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JuicyStarburst, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Fucking pointless..

  2. Personally, I think stickying this would get rid of about a quarter of the questions this forum will get.
  3. [quote name='"JuicyStarburst"']Personally, I think stickying this would get rid of about a quarter of the questions this forum will get.[/quote]

    i second this.
  4. To anyone ever asking its reallly really unlikely some one would add anything to yyour ganja for the sheer sense it that its a waste of money. Not to talk about other drugs but a gram of the crappiest coke round here is like 40 dollars on a good day. No drug dealer will waaste money to get you higher
  5. always laced
  6. I tend to lace my Cannabis with THC.
  7. When I opened this thread I said to myself please please please I hope this is not a serious thread....

    Thank god
  8. but maybe my dealer is trying to get me hooked oncoke what then???!!!!!!
    lol its coolim just high
  9. This is the kind of stuff that ruins the forum, you should get infractions for this sort of thing.
  10. Chill out, dude. Take a hit. Once this sub gets started the mods will delete all the chaff, but for a little while it doesn't matter.
  11. No, but you are laced, yes your laced with idiot.

  12. How u know about that? o_O
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    I don't understand why people think it's impossible to come across laced weed? There have been two definite times I've gotten laced weed from a dealer before i became a medical patient in my life.

    People don't understand that the dealers use schwag when lacing.

    A gram of schwag = 1 - 2 $
    A Gram of Heroine costs 30 - 50$ (Depending on location)

    1.) 10 Bags Containing 1 Gram of Marijuana and .1 Grams Heroine costs 6-7 dollars (Maximum) to make each.

    2.)Each bag can be sold for 20 dollars for 14$ profit to unsuspecting people who don't know any better.

    3.) Low doses of Smack can mimic high potency Indica.
  14. We had a 'laced weed' sticky at one point, but no one ever used it. Everyone thinks their 'laced weed' story is unique and deserves its own thread. When in reality, they're all exactly the same, and they are all really stupid. :rolleyes:
  15. My $20 bag of weed is laced with pure cocaine, I'm too dumb to realize that would cost the dealer more money to actually lace it...
  16. [quote name='"CCkronik"']I tend to lace my Cannabis with THC.[/quote]

    Really?!?!?!?!? I do too!
  17. The truth is dealers don't lace weed, friends do. When you're smoking a joint with your friends you have no idea what they put in it(unless you saw them roll it). So if someone smokes laced weed, then it was with a friend.

  18. Not true man ahahha
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    Cocaine is not the only drug in the world, and is actually the most un-ideal lacing drug that exists. Most people Lace with Meth or Heroine, or OTC's. They provide a Cheap ratio of active dose to price, low threshold doses, and are very bioavalible through inhalation.

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