Is my mainlining okay?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by karumbakuwa, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. I'm using a viparspectra 450 and for the past while I've only been using it on the veg switch before I came across a post by chance that states that both switches should be on at all times and the switches are essentially redundant after the first week. So it's not been growing as much as I would have liked/thought.

    Terrible water, high ppm values at the start... it's taken me a while to get everything dialled in and now I've reached the point of having eight 'stems' in my mainline and I've just finished training them down a little to get some space.

    My worry is that it's not grown enough, that the distance between them is far too short for me to be shooting for a 3 foot plant with it, being my first grow I can't envision how things will unfold. There are some pictures attached and I wanted to know if things are or will be okay and I'll go ahead with the other two plants. Thanks

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  2. Looks ok so far. I am no expert to mainlining but definitely plan on using that technique.
  3. After researching for a while I realise what I've done! Don't do the same...

    So I waited to trim down to the third node on the first chop, but I should have waited again for each side to have five nodes before chopping to the third again! Instead I just waited until one node... then the first node after that again. So it's all so tight I'm starting to worry that it's not going to be able to grow properly soon. Strongly considering abandoning it and starting again.

    If anyone has any words of hope for me I'd greatly appreciate it, because waiting to see if it's okay means pouring money (nutrients) into a lost cause.
  4. Why abandon it? Keep going buddy.
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  5. Cheers man :) It's just the cost of it failing and having to buy all the nutrients again. Abandoning my girls would be a last option!
  6. How would it be a lost cause, just cuz it isnt going to grow exactly how you want it doesnt mean you have to give up! It looks great imo, Let her grow and she will be a bute.
  7. I'm really worried that there won't be any space for it to grow now. As you can see it's only 3 inches across after having all 8 stems ready to grow up, that's super tight! I guess I'll see over the next week if they'll be trainable to allow it to be all they can be. I just don't have the experience to envision it, or even how the plant will grow from here. Time will tell.

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