is my little guy done?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by devillover, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. ok. obviously my question is if my baby girl is done.

    i used my cam and took a few of the trichs so could someone help me out?

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  2. i would say not for a month or 7 weeks
  3. holy shit. seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    shes been in flowering for like 8 weeks!!! i mean its only supposed to take 9.... ughhhh

    such a long assed wait im buying auto fem lowriders next gahh
    ohh by the way its juicey fruit.
  4. and its only a foot tall so that why tiny my lack of lighting early on.....
  5. your about half way there...still need about a month. Wait until all the hairs have turned brown and then check trichs.
  6. for real?? looks like its only been going for about 4 weeks
  7. that is the thing about half the hair on the buds ARE brown. this bloody plant confuses me greatly
  8. Looking at those pics, they've only begun to brown.
  9. hmm so they'll get more brown??? coolio then lol ill wait her out. slow assed plant. i soppose its my fault tho for being cheap and afraid to use hid lights
  10. would it speed it up any if i jammed a hps 70 watter in there?
  11. never hurts
  12. in 7 days ill go buy one and crank it up
  13. must not be a good juciy fruit strain

    my juicy fruit strain take olny 5 weeks to flower

    id jus t cut the bitch down lol
  14. NEVER!!! i just cut a bud off this morning fast dry and just got totally kicked
  15. What lights are you using??
  16. i second that ^^^ what lights are you flowering her under ??
  17. im using 5-23watt 2700k and 1-23 watt 6500k and 1-45 watt 2700k cfl's
    and on the first if they're not done im going to buy a 70 watt hps for them too.

    another question tho. does transplanting halfway thru flower cause a lot of lose in yield?
    i thought my pot was to tiny so i went from the 1gallon she was in to a 5 gallon

    is this what slowed my budding down?
  18. Yeah it could have stunted it...

    BTW transplanting after 2-3 weeks of flowering isnt needed, roots have stopped most of there growth by then

    Id get the HPS, those things with flowering plants are like baking soda and coke:rolleyes:
  19. Yea CFLS seem to take forever flowering i had a friend grow one plant under like 10 CFL's and they were fine for VEG but it flowered for like 3 months and it was taking so long so we jsut harvested it...
  20. hps is def nice.... got any other cfls? throw as much wattage as you can at it..

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