Is my Kosher Kush a hermie? 2 Plants w/ pics

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  1. Hey guys,

    as the title says, I have 2 kosher kush just around a week into flowering. Strange thing is, that the really big one has some weird little elliptical things coming out where the buds normally develop. it might just be unopened leave/budsites, but they just look strange! take a look at the pics and let me know what you think! I have 2 plants here for comparison, both are kosher kush from DNA.

    First, the plant in question:
    20141022_084002.jpg 20141022_083805.jpg 20141022_083623.jpg
    and here is the second plant for comparison. only pistils and bud formations. no weird oval things.
    20141022_083926.jpg 20141022_083930.jpg
    I appreciate any and all feedback you can leave me, and am thankful in advance!

  2. Yea...that looks weird. I've never personally seen a hermy with my own eyes, so i'll leave this to somebody more knowledgeable 
  3. Plant #1 appears to have hermied! That oval "football" sure looks like a male flower.  Give it a few days and several more will likely show up! You can try just removing any male flowers you see, but usually a few get by you and you end up with seedy buds.  Seeds from hermies produce mostly more hermies and females, so they are not really desirable breeding stock.
    Since you have another plant, I would just chop the hermie before any of the male flowers open up. You can make a concentrate or canna-oil for edibles with your hermie. But since the plant is young, smoking it will not give you a great high- it would be fit for "emergency stash", at best.
    #2 has no signs of male flowers that I can see.
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    you gotz nanners. you can still grow a decent weed but the work now is much more. You have to separate it, expect small buds since the energy is going to divert to seed production and you will have to worry about seed production. use it for hash.
    You could snip off the male flowers but there is always the chance of missing one and it pollenating the whole lot. maybe find an outdoor spot for it and let nature run its course.
    What stress do you think caused this? transplant, genes, temps, light leaks?
  5. Hey, thanks for the answers! I have read somewhere that the genetics are not very stable, but that is hard to believe coming from a cup winner for DNA. I think I got a bunk seed pack. Only 2/6 popped, and one of them is a dwarf, and the other one hermied. I have 6 other strains running at the moment as well, and the grow room they used was the same, and none of them are showing any problems whatsoever. DNA replaced my seed pack, but I just don't have room at the moment to get any of those started! I hope they will do better than these two, as KK is my favorite weed.

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