Is my knock-off VaporGenie the dangerous one?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Shankmasterflex, May 24, 2010.

  1. So being the bargain hunter that I am, I picked up a $20.00 knock off VaporGenie while in NYC.
    I recently found out that there is a knock off, and a knock off of the knock off. Both are equally as likely to be the one I'm using.
    If mine is the first tier knock off, all is well.
    If mine is the second tier knock off (double knock off), then I could be inhaling lead paint!!

    Anyone know how to find out which is which? From what I know they look too similar superficially to tell.
  2. Lab testing...

    Really though, is there paint in the bowl piece?
  3. Is $20 really worth the risk of your health?

    Toss it and pick up a real VaporGenie...
  4. No it's not.

    First tier knock off, all is well? Second tier, all is not well? Who in the fuck told you that?
  5. lol Why don't you try hitting it with no bud in there. Then you'll know if it's giving off fumes, be careful though!
  6. No you won't. Some toxic fumes are odorless and tasteless.
  7. Yo did you get it from china town or something haha that would be crazy buying a $20 vapor off some shady Chinese dude
  8. I stand corrected. They really shouldn't sell shit like this if your for real.
  9. I remember when I was in the east village(st marks) looking for the vg, I went into every store and none of them had the real VG. So I said fuck it and went to NY Gifts where I bought a REAL VG for $50.

    Only the actual Genie is safe to use.

  10. Haha, that was hilarious :hello:
  11. The metal VG bat is only 25 dollars more.
  12. i agree but chinese use lead in alot things like children toys too!!!!

  13. So the moral or this thread is don't buy knock off vapes made in china right?

    and china makes most children's toys so your saying children should not have toys? do you mean toys in china? i'm not following.

  14. Yes. Do not buy knock off vapes made in China because they "could" be contaminated with lead and other toxic substances.

    Like vapes, children toys made in China "could" be contaminated with lead. If I was the parent of a baby, I personally would not purchase anything that the baby could put in their mouth that was made in China. Just too much of a gamble.
  15. You could get a lead testing kit to see if yours has lead based paint on it.
  16. That's what I should've done. I figured why not, it was only $20 and very convenient at the time.
    I'mma go to NY Gifts next time.
    Would you believe the VaporGenies on St Marks were $60+ ???? You can understand why I was more than willing to splurge for the $20 last gen VaporBuddy.

    VaporBuddy Vaporizer Lead Test

    Read from "the VaporBuddy did too well..."
    Mines a Vaporbuddy but I have no idea if it's the chinese rip off.
  17. Yea the Vg wasn't really for me in the end, the flame was too inconsistent. So I gave it to a friend.

    The thing is on St marks I only saw the knock offs.
  18. You'd be suprised how hard it is to tell.
    The only way to get a good look in there is to shine a light, which causes glare.
    Meaning it's (as weird as it sounds) hard to tell if it's glaring black or normal aluminum.

    Also it could go from black at the top to normal unpainted at the bottom making it even harder to tell.


    This shouldn't be this hard. I used it before I found out and it worked really well. Would I have noticed lead poisoning with one use?

    Honestly it's only 20 bucks and I'm about to trash it but I'm just so fucking curious now haha.

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