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Is my Homemade Bong good and safe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. In Vegas I got a drink in this 100 oz bong looking bottle. Pretty f-ing huge. The thing is that i believe it is plastic ( it is pretty hard because if I try to push with my thumb I can't make a dent and barely make it move. The bottom where the water will be is slightly less hard and I can make a dent if I squeeze with my thumb.) I will get a nice metal or glass bowl and stem to hold the weed and obviously the smoke will go straight into the water.

    This is safe right. Because I will light the weed inside the bowl so nowhere near the "plastic" and the hot smoke will go directly into the cold water and be cooled down and travel to my mouth.

    What is the problem with this. Don't wanna buy a really expensive bong that I probs won't use more than a few times
  2. lol dude i made one too, hopefully i posted the pic right. i wanta see yours

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  3. i used the bottle. a metal tube. a nut. a rubberband and two screws.
    you can add ice all the way up the tube and the bowl has a screen
    no carb(you pull the bowl out to clear chamber.)
  4. PaperKid what did u use as a bowl and what links it to the water.
  5. Does It work well. Way is the bowl? A socket?
  6. Wat is the bowl.

    Sorry autorcorrect
  7. yeah t's completely safe. Want pics of mine?
  8. its a socket off a bolt remover. super easy to find and it works amazing. and the metal pipe links it to the water
  9. i have one seal to work on but other than that. its amazing
  10. Use alluminum. This one hits like a champ.


  11. Head shops sell glass bongs. But if you wanna scrub it out with plastic go right ahead.
  12. Pics.

    But as long as the flame isn't super close to the plastic. If you're doing GB hits don't use a natural gas lighter either.

    Uhm you should be good, as long as you're not doing GB hits the plastic is close to the flame.
  13. If you can't afford a bong get a pipe or bubbler make sure you get a glass pipe though, cheap ones are 10-20 bucks.
  14. Instead of wasting time building those plastic cancer tubes, go mow some lawns or do other random yardwork or odd jobs and buy somthing glass
  15. Yeah trust me once you go glass you never go back.
  16. #16 InstaBlaze, Aug 11, 2011
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    Don't listen to this troll, aluminum is detrimental to your health.

    Why isn't this kid banned yet?
  17. #17 BloodLust, Aug 11, 2011
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    Idk. I don't think aluminum foil will let off aluminum oxide. Maybe tinfoil because it's not pure aluminum. But like another blade said "unless you're lighting it with a blowtorch you should be fine with a bic"

  18. I know you know about Fred do you really think he wouldn't use a blowtorch he never seems to have a lighter he tried a bag of piss I'm sure he would try a blowtorch hopefully the other kid doesnt use one there's no way to tell unless he says so. Not to mention the bong would be a plastic glob if you ever used one.

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