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Is my grow room TOO HOT??

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by medigrows, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hey all! I am doing my first grow and have a 4'x2'x6' grow tent sectioned in the back of my closet. I will be growing three plants, and I just germinated my seeds and planted them in coco coir medium and I have six CFL lights that are 42watt each. I also have a 4 inch inline fan with carbon filter that has 190 CFM for exhaust and two holes at bottom of tent that are 3inch each for passive intake. I keep my temperature at 70-75 degrees in the apartment. My problem is I cant get my temperature down to 75 degrees where it should be. The grow room temperature goes between 88 degrees and 83degrees and I do not know why it is so high. Or Is it too hot in my grow room??? If so, WHAT can I do to lower the temperature in my grow room?? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    get a bigger exhaust fan and a fan for blowing over the canopy.
  3. Are you exhausting hot air out of the closet?
    As long as temps aren't above 85, you'll be okay
  4. 190cfm might be too weak for you but I think you're fine.  I catch a couple days of 100 here in the summer and both my outdoor plants do fine and my indoor temps get up to the low 90's on those days and I've always been ok there too.  Good luck!!
  5. I am exhausting into the bedroom but gave the window open. I will get another osculating fan and I should be OK?

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  7. I just ordered a 400 cfm fan for a 1000w mh inside a 4'x6'x8' closet, gunna run intake from outside, duct thru light, then straight outside. Kellog soil with alaska fish fert, growing great. Have 400w mh in now, temp gets up to 83 with 190 cfm fan and no outside intake. Fan will b here by Wednesday I hope, I will run it a day or two and watch temps, just wondering what everyone thought about how hot ima run? Thanks peeps an I'm new to forums so..... ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1383419352.251402.jpg

    I DON'T GROW!!! This is all for Internet entertainment!!!! Baba Booey
  8. I know plenty of people (including myself) who run into temps like that at certain times of the year and they are fine. It should be noted however that we all run Protekt in our feedings, which is supposed to reduce plant stress, increase heat tolerance and makes them less susceptible to infection/pests. If youre organic you can use some rice hulls in place of the Protekt.
  9. you can get away with higher temps if you have enough soil so that your roots don't get too hot. this and the added air circulation is why you can get away with higher temps outdoors.
  10. my temps stay at between 65 and 78 with the same specs. However I do recommend an 8 inch aircooled hood. the taller profile helps keep the temps out of your grow. the 6'' hoods just produce to much heat below the glass.
  11. Yea you need a bigger fan or portable ac...70-75 degree apartment is never gonna cool your room down alone..your apt would have to be like 55-60 degrees to cool a grow room...

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