is my grow room anygood????

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smokey mac pot, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. my grow room is inside of a is made of wood and has plexy glass over the top and it as tin foil ovr the top so in the light part i set them on top and an out door/indoor flood light bulb.the box has 3 pop can sized or ventilation and one for the fan.the box will be lined with foil soon and im getting a timer.any good?
  2. it sounds real d except for maybe the light
    What kinda light are u using????
  3. i have 1 blub thats called "sunshine in a box" and its 150 wts and i have a 150 wt indoor/outdoor floodlight.see if i had the money then i would buy a nice high pressure sodium light but i need fuckin 135 dollars and im fresh out of money. i am still waiting for my seeds from seeds direct and its taking so fuckin long!i need the cheapest lights i can get.i may even fucking have to steal a timer for my lights.!lol
  4. i know te feeling
  5. Where you live? I will go shoplifting with you :)
  6. i live in washington.....seattle
  7. too far away, i live in IL
  8. milwaukee,Wi here
  9. hey at leaswe know wgot marijuana cultivators scattered all over the
  10. yea but we need more
    thats how prohibition aganst alchol ended
  11. there is way more than you think.there is a 10yr old, 13 yr old,a bunch of 14 yr olds and a bnch of 16 yr ols in my neighbor hood that i know of that smok a this guy that i know will never guess how old i am and i have a very healthy 1'8'' sativa(i think) yeah, eventually bush will make marijuana legal in the united states of america!!!
  12. In highschool go in each class and take a poll, see how many smoke and most would be supprised. Some fatass (he really looks retarded too, might be) told me one day that I am the only one in the class that does weed. I like LOL U DUMB FUCK! I said, "wanna bet on that?" Then he said that he bets me $20 that there are no more then 3 in the class that has ever smoked. I asked if the bet was just for weed. He said lol ur the only one who did weed, I am beting 3 people tops haved ever even tryed smoking cigs or weed. After laughing my ass off I asked each and every person in the class and there were 22 out of 26 that have!!!!! That was my math class if anyone really cares.

    There tons who smoke weed, though that not going to make it legal
  13. Lack of Lighting is a major drawback,,save up,try to get something better before you flower,,Do what you must...learn from it...get better...

  14. I have a friend who is selling his 3 400 watt HPS and 2 250 watt HPS lights. I am buying them all but DEFINITLY won't need all, well untill I live in my own place but I want 1000 HPS/MH I have a few extra :) Friend said we only will need the 6 flouresents and two 250's, so I got 3 400 HPS for sale! We making a hugh SOG (sea of green) I believe, since we have a hugh grow room but only like 4 feet high. I auctually think we Will use a 400 and a 250 along with 240 worth of flouresents, But not sure, no matter what I wont be using all 3 400 hps and 2 250 hps, e-mail me with offer if ur interested in one:
  15. I live in Covington, Washington. Were right near eachother smokey, maybe we should hook up and grow some bud together, make some profits =P
  16. smokey mac pot and fatal,

    you guys live in washington!
    I live in north bend, WA, About 30 miles away from seattle and I'm not sure were covington is but I have heard of it. gimme a call some time.
  17. thats not smart to give your number out man
  18. the wrong type of people could get a hold of it
  19. whats the big deal its just a phone number. its not like its my adress or anything.

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