Is my girl ready yet?

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    Autoflowering Fresian Dew. 10 weeks in and I have been looking for the red trichomes but I just don't see any, people say that some strains don't ever turn so maybe this is one of those?
    The buds are big and are literally tipping the plant over with the weight. I think she might be done but I don't want to harvest too early if she still has some time to go.
    You can see in the pictures, the top is losing that purple color a little bit, do you think that could be a sign it's been ready?
    All the fan leaves have died off and just the sugar leaves are left. 
    What are your thoughts?

  2. She's looking great, love the colours. Do you have any way of checking the trichomes (a 30x or higher magnifier)? But she looks good to me, can't get the pics to open large though.....
  3. Sorry man missed the first bit of the post :smoking: .
    If the trichomes are all cloudy I'd say you're good to go...
  4. Not red. Amber.
  5. They are pretty bulked up.,
    Not seeing a lot of a lot of glands. But that could be strain.
    You could get a microscope. But I think it is very close.
    Where I cannot give a solid answer without physical examination.
  6. Okay cool thanks for the response. 
    I have been flushing for about a week so I will give it another week and probably harvest then.
    I have some loupes and don't see any amber in the trichomes but again that cold be strain.
    Thanks man, will keep this thread updated.

    Thanks for the response man.
    I'll try to get a better look at the trichomes tonight.
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  7. Looks a bit early to me by naked eye but I am not familiar with these genetics. Looks good man keep it up

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