Is my girl ready for harvest?

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  1. Hi all,
    This is my first grow and I have a fully organic, soilless grow of "Easy Rider". She's really small (about 13") and has been grown from seed for 55 days under a 400w HPS. I've attached 4 pics of her.

    My question is when do you think she's ready to harvest? I'm trying to figure out when to flush her.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  2. Use a scope or mag glass to look at the trichoderma.. those are the little resin filled sacks that make the plant glisten. Once you see that some of those are amber in color and most of them a milky color. Some people will say chop at 50/50 amber/milky but the plant still continues to finish once they are cut down so i chop at about 30% amber. So basicly once those little resin sacks u see in ur scope are part milky part amber chop her down..
  3. I dont think its ready yet. Give it another 2 weeks. till the leaves start to yellow and fall off, the hairs turn colour and start to return back into the bud(kinda, they curl a bit more) and like 'TheHydroHelper' said get a scope or mag glass to look at the tri's
  4. NICE!!! I am betting 2 to 3 week, start flushing in about a week or so...? Do you know the strain?
    Also, if your camera allows, set the white balance or use a blue filter or something. It is hard to tell when everything is orange.
  5. Thanks all! Very good info. Sorry for the pics being so orange. I'll take better ones when my light goes off tonight.
    I just noticed today that there are what looks to be sacks at the base of the stems. Looks like there is one sack for each stem that comes out of the main stem.

    Each of these "sacks" have two pistols coming out of them though and are coated in trichs. It's scaring the shit out of me because I'm worried they are pollen sacks.
    Granted this was grown from a feminized seed and I checked it weeks ago and determined it was a female.

    Are these sacks just part of the flowering process maybe? It is an autoflower strain so perhaps that would cause it?

    Thanks all!
  6. I'm in my 2nd harvest and I must say I really want my weed to be like what I have been buying to smoke. My 1st harvest from a scale to 1 to 10 I would give it a 7.
    I recently chopped a Lil bud to taste I'm in week 9 I dried it 3 days and no good smoked ok smelled grassy as hell. The stain is blueberry Gum I really gotta cure this time around it's so damn hard though after waiting so long , any advice
  7. It has been said.... It is always worth the wait.
    I was in week 10 when I harvested my 1st grow and I think it could have gone another week. I started smoking ringht away by drying in the oven. It took about 5 days to dry and a couple more for it to seem like a good quality texture and smell.
    My 1st was about a 5 or 6 out of 10 compared to the best medical stains I have tried. I am very happy with my 1st batch. Check out my 2nd, which is my 1st DWC hydro.
  8. Start flushing it from now and only give it water from now on... in 4 days, turn the lights off for 3 days, then chop it.
  9. No,Looks like about 3 to 4 weeks to go.Istart checking my scope about day 65,about 70 to 75 12/12 days seems to be my peak harvest time

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