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is my girl a guy??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by iam matt, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. hey there everyone this is my first grow, and pretty much ill let the video speak for it self.


    and here is the best picture i could get of it, i really need to get a camera or a better video camera ha.

  2. Its impossible to say 100% that it is a male through all that blur but it does look like there are tons of pollen sacs on it. You need to get a better picture of it to be certain. If you aren't seeing any white hairs growing out of it it''s not a good sign.

    If your camera is on auto focus, hold a black t-shirt behind the plant and try and take another close up shot of it like the screen shot you posted. That will stop the camera from focusing on the rocks in the background and get a clear shot of the plant, hopefully.
  3. Looks like a male, but the resolution is bad.
  4. just had to comment...

    when I read "is my girl a guy"? I automatically thought you were talking about dating/relationships. Hahaha, :smoking:
  5. yeah its a guy :( i was just thinking that there were a shit ton of pollen sacks so maybe they were just not yet sprouted leaves. but whatever, first grow wasn't a complete fail, i will be back to it as soon as i get some more soil.
  6. Looks like a guy...Not a shemale:)

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