Is my GF a dramatic control freak or am I an ass?

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    Here is the story, things like this happen everyday.

    My girlfriend likes to have me on a short leash (not literally) if I ever want to go hang out with my friends or do something like that, its like the sky is falling or something. She just freaks out and gets so pissed off when ever I need to do something (which is not a lot) like for instance I had to help my mom move into her new house and she needed to use my truck so my gf just goes crazy and calls me a "mommas boy?" for helping my mom move?.. I was like..what the fuck?

    Then when she wants to go out with her friends its totally fine and I don't really care, but when I want to do something its like a bomb just got dropped on our apartment she screams and bitches non stop. If she is not with me she is mad at me, she has to control me and everything I do.

    She has been calling me at work on my cell phone 5+ times a day thinking im sneaking around or something I tell her I just can't talk at work so now she calls my job to make sure im there or some bullshit like that. She has been calling my work like 3 times a day and my manager is starting to get pissed off about it.

    We have been together for 3 years and the first 2 and a half everything was fine and great we were having a great time and what not, but now everything is a drama to her and I mean EVERYTHING, down to the food we eat for dinner.

    It's weird and when ever I try to just talk to her about it she gets even more mad and says everything is my fault or that im raising my voice. :cool: ( I don't yell I just get worked up sometimes)

    So now its at the point where im just exausted because of her, I was really sick last week and she was pissed off at me while I was sick because the meds I was on made me sleep a lot. She even went as far as to hide my medication so it doesnt put me to sleep.

    I just don't know what to do I mean I love her and all, when we were first together it was amazing we got along so well but recently since she started seeing this "psychic" lady with her friend she has been acting really weird and angry. I don't know what this "psychic" is telling her but it has defentitly changed her mind set about us.

    Maybe this psychic is telling her im cheating on her or something I don't fucking know but this has to stop and I do not want to leave because I know the real her is still in there somewhere.

    Oh and I would never ever cheat, never even thought about it.
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    she sounds unbearable. get out now.

    (Sounds unbearable, not "wounds"... ugh)

  3. This.

    There very well could be some underlying issue making her act this way, but regardless, you shouldn't have to deal with it. :hide:
  4. Dude, she sounds pretty psycho, hiding your meds and calling work. I'd let her know what was going through your head about it, and if she can't or won't change, I'd say ditch that bitch.
  5. Take all your stuff and crash around your friend's for a while and if you can, buy a gun.
  6. you need to talk about things and work them out. define the time you spend together and apart, show the value of the time you spend doing things you love.
    appreciate each other, see why you love her. otherwise, it's not to work.
  7. Control freak.

    No, seriously, if you say it started after the psychic it's definitely the psychic just trying to milk her of her money. Tell her that shit is bogus. :D

    (Hiding your meds though? Wow, that's crazy. My boyfriend has thrown my pills, but he's never hid them from me.)
  8. Totally can see how everyone says dump her, but since she's only recently changed I'd say she's going through something and needs to get some help. Depression isn't just someone being down in the dumps. It can cause physical pain, anxiety, self doubt, anger, irritability etc. Hormone imbalance can cause all that too. Since you don't want to leave, see if you can't get her to go to a doctor. It's possible that she's just unhappy and being a bitch, but it's also very possible that she's not well.

    If you want to talk to her about it, start with something like I really love you and I'm getting concerned because you just haven't been yourself for the past x months. Make sure you're talking to her when she's not in the process of flying off the handle about something, and make sure that you are calm and caring when you talk to her.

    I salute you for wanting to stay together, and I really hope things work out for ya.
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    Yeah I've tried to talk to her but everytime I do she just says "what ever (my name here) what ever" just being really childish about it.

    I know for SURE it has something to do with this psychic, I almost want to go pay that scamming bitch a visit myself.

    She is also very gullible so I can see how a con artist like these people can warp her mind very easy and keep her coming back. I know something is up with this gig.
  10. In Victorian Britain she might have been diagnosed with hysteria and been treated by the doctor stimulating her genitalia with his hands or a hose. Just a thought.
  11. sounds like my ex. i couldnt do anything w/o her. and i was sick once and she got all pissed off because i couldnt come see her.

    id get out while you have the chance.

  12. You shouldn't have to go as far as to visit the third party in this situation. Yeah, she might be the root of all evil, but your girl has gotta loosen the leash a litle and trust your word. She also needs to grow up, obviously.

    Hiding someone's medication is not okay. You really needed that and she didn't even care, all she cared about was her own needs. You should really reconsider this girl's intentions.

    She sounds no good.

  13. You're right the funny thing is about the grow up thing is she is 5 years older than me:cool:.

    You are right 100% it is always about her thats why if she wants to do something its totally fine but if I do its not at all. I'll try to have a serious talk with her tonight and if she continues to be immature and shrug me off then I will lay out the options on the table and say listen you either grow up and talk to me about this or you will have to move out (I pay 70% of the rent soo. it would be her leaving not me, she couldnt afford this place with out my income.)

    I hate to have to be harsh like that because I really care about her. I'm going to ask her whats been on her mind and hows shes feeling. Things like that.

    I just can't do this anymore it is starting to me make angry and grumpy all the time. I'll try everything before I kick her out though since I do honestly care for her a lot.

  14. Dude, I know how you feel. I was in the same position for 3 years. The bitch tried to control my every move. The worst part about the whole thing is she lived an hour away, so while she was gone I was expected to sit alone at home and talk to nobody, but her.

    It was tearing me apart until I finally gave up and told her to just forget it. It sucks because we did grow very close and I'd love to be her friend, but I can't. Too many bad memories, not to mention she has a new girlfriend and it makes me mad to see how happy they seem to be. I deserved to not be cheated on and to be put on a pedestal. I guess I just have some ill feelings towards her, but I still care for her regardless.

    Good luck, dude. :D
  15. Well I had a friend who, believe it or not had a brain tumor and tumors on her fallopian tubes, she would be irrational, and knew it and would always say things like "something is wrong I just don't know what" after having brain surgery( the doctors figured out what was wrong because of blinding headaches and passing out) and the other tumors removed she said she felt like her old self and the anger and irrational crazy woman was maybe she needs a full check-up before the big dump. and then again she could just be totally psycho and in need of a reality check or maybe she's feeling guilty about something and trying to put the blame on you.:confused:
  16. This sounds like my gf from highschool i dated for 2 years haha, literally word for word. Get out while you can, it'll make life much more enjoyable.
  17. Sue the psychic for turning your girlfriend into a bitch!
  18. Yo how is your sex life she might just need to get off uh stiff dick will always ease a bitch
  19. Maybe she wants you to... Gulp.

    To make an "honest" woman out of her. :eek:

    Lol Only she knows, really, and all I can say is good luck buddy!

    If you stayed for three years, and loved two and a half, then maybe there is still reason yet to stay.

  20. Its really great auctally, we still do it quite a bit :cool:. She loves it, it does calm her down after but about hour or 2 after doing it she turns back into super bitch 5000:(

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