Is my friends girl into me?

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  1. awh that wasnt casual trust me!
    did her bf not notice any of this? how did he not see her watching you all night?
    be careful with this one, if he mentions it to her when youre not around she could flip it on you, bitches be crazy and all that shit!

  2. she was sober with the back stroking situation.
  3. haha idk how he didnt notice. maybe she played it off well. besides there were times when he was just gone to the fuckin moon so im sure he wasnt paying that close attention. I had no clue she was watching me either.
  4. It sounds to me like she's into you.

    She's trying to play coy but she's totally pining for your attention. Don't act on it whatsoever. If you're really nice to her, she'll take that as an invitation.

    Try not to be around her if her boyfriend isn't around.
  5. Many men are losers who ignore their 'girlfriends' actions. They will be the first to turn it on you as an ego defense, bang her silly for GC! For legalization! Pull the fuck out of her hair and leave your prints on that ass.
  6. Unless of course you enjoy blowjobs.

  7. I did this to a girl that sat in front of me in school, but I knew her for a awhile and just realized she was hot

  8. I knew this girl for a week.
  9. It's way too hard to tell from a message board, dude. We don't know if she likes you or not, body language and context and shit all has to be taken into account and how can we tell just from you telling us what happened?

    I will say this. I don't go around stroking my bf's friends' shirtless backs. I don't put my hand on theirs, even though I am a mad fucking nice person.

    When my bf's friends mom got cancer I had a short, private conversation where I simply said that my aunt died from cancer, I knew what he was going through, and if he felt he needed someone to talk to I was there. I didn't touch him or hold his hand and I've known him a lot longer than a week. So, the signs point to yes.

    Be careful. Discuss it with your friend, IMO. Don't make it a big deal, just tell your bro you were getting some kinda weird signals from his girl and you don't want him getting the wrong idea. He can work it out with her himself. It's their relationship, let them worry about it.

    Don't try to say anything to her alone, it'll look bad and she might try some shit if she thinks you're "rejecting" her.

  10. I dont think this is a good idea. I mean considering what you have told us its pretty obvious, but its still dismissable enough for him tp confront her and for her to act like she has no clue what you are talking about. and then she could turn it around on you and make him think that you actually wanna get with her and are making shit up.

    I wouldnt say shit honestly. To me it seems like for now she finds you attractive, but shes not gonna make a really serious move. If she really starts trying something like actually asking you to fuck her or something id talk to him.

  11. Yeah and besides shes only throwing those signals on the DL when her bf isnt around or asleep or something. If she did that stuff in front of him id say something.

    Also I know there was a guy I went to high school with who stopped by our beach house one night. apparently he kissed her on the cheek and she told her bf. and he confronted the guy about it. So maybe im wrong about the signals and shes just really friendly. Im not doggin myself, but if she didnt respond well to a guy hitting on her what would be so special about me to make her wanna throw me signals?

  12. You seem like a good guy. So many she senses that about you?
  13. in high school, college my friends gf's would do that shit and i never thought anything of it. they were more like sisters i guess

  14. I would feel the same way if I knew this girl for awhile. but I only knew her for a week.
  15. I'm not saying go and tell him, "Your gf is hitting on me." I'm saying there's a way to bring it up. This is just what I would do if I was in the situation. If it was me and I thought my friend's bf was into me I would address it with her before it got to the point where it looked bad on me. I would just say, "Hey, the other day this weird shit happened when I was in the car/at the beach/whatever with your bf." and let her take from it what she could.

    If you're not concerned that it'll turn into something just leave it alone, I guess. Nothing to worry about in that case.
  16. That is death of friendship, these days dudes have the motto backwards, they put hoes before bros.

    That is why I say TC fucks her.....FOR GC......FOR LEGALIZATION
  17. I mean...if she has a bf why the hell WOULD she hit on you in front of him? That's not how cheating works...

    If you can't be honest with your friend without worrying about him turning it on you, he ain't your friend, IMO.

    And just because she wasn't into that guy hitting on her doesn't mean she wouldn't be into you hitting on her. Like I said, though, hard to tell over the Internet. You're the best judge in this case.
  18. oh im sorry, i thought you meant you guys had the beach house all summer and you were hanign with her all summer. she may think your hot but i doubt she is thinking much if it's only been a week

  19. yeah idk shits just weird. but I havent seen her lately so its all good
  20. My boyfriend always teases me about being into his friends, but I've always gotten along with guys really well and I'm friendly to everyone I meet. I'm not interested in any of his friends, but I joke around with them and I'll talk to them if I see them around town.

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