Is my friends girl into me?

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  1. I wouldnt do any of that unless I was trying to flirt. And if I did any of that with my friends gf I know hed say something.
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    I would stroke my guy friends back, probably not seriously but as a joke
    Nah i trust my missus and she has equal trust in me, Its all about trust dawg.

    Everyone's different some people touch other people in ways that some would consider flirting, While they consider it only to be fooling around or just being friendly
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    Even if you are putting your arm around her out of friendliness or playing with her hair do you really think that couldnt be misinterpreted for flirting bro? I did the same shit with a girl who was taken and fucked her not too long after.

    I dont think this chick was trying to be as obvious seeing that her bf was around her at all times the OP was, but if doing shit like she did and things you listed is considered normal friendly behavior between a guy and girl than what do you consider flirting or showing interest? walking up to a girl and grabbing her tits straight up?
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    Not with any of my friends but that's because i've known them for years and they know what im like, All im saying is it might not mean she's into the OP, But everyones different so i could be completely wrong.

    But like i said if it annoys him that much just tell her to stop.
  5. Sounds like she was being a friend. Sounds like your the one thats a little defensive on liking her. If you didn't like her would you have to ask for advice? A simple I just want to be your friend would straighten all of this up.

  6. I can understand why he would ask for advice. girls can be trifling. Like I said I dont think shes into him enough to actually make a move on him, but Id say unless she acts this way towards all guys she might find him attractive or something.
  7. Well if he doesn't like her, saying "I don't like you like that, I just want to be your friend" should stop all the questions. :wave:

  8. I have been in this situation another time maybe a year or two ago. and the signs were much more clear. I told her that I just wanted a friendship and she went and told her bf that i was trying to get with her. i dont trust em man. Im starting to realize that the best thing is to stay away from her. If wavy is right shes not gonna make a big move hopefully.
  9. Just don't let anything happen man.

    I have had 2 of my friend's girlfriends just blatantly ask me to fuck. I said no.

    One of them even tries to say I cock blocked him later that night. Every time I just smile and think about how bad he cock blocked me. It still feels good doing the right thing.
  10. :eek: you should have pit that in the original post!
    that is the biggest indicator a girl can give that she likes you!
    if a girl has a problem for no apparent reason with a girl she saw you talking to she DEFINITLEY likes you. 100% fact
    your dead right the fact she even noticed you talkin to her all night is strange, she was obviously watching you all night, she was probably cursing that girl you were talking to
    its not a misunderstang youre spot on!

  11. hmmm yeah that is a big indicator now that I think about it. She kind of discussed it casually so I didnt think much of it. But yeah interesting indeed...
  12. Props bro, most people would've done the douche thing and banged her silly. That's your homie and your guts are right. Shes on your nuts. The proofs in the mutha fuckn puddin. Way to be a Bro though, forreal. Keep classy pimpin :cool:

  13. bro she is definitely into you, that girl made her jealous she was getting your attention and she wasnt. if you are tight with your homie id talk to his girl and let her know whats up, if she continues to make moves on you id let your boy know whats up and let him take it from there. if you guys aint that tight id smash her though and not get involved with her, if she does this to one dude she is probably gonna do it to you later.

  14. I guess the whole thing confuses me cuz...well...I dont really see why she would be into me. I dont really know her well and I never gave her that much attention at the beach. All I really said to her one on one was "I'm glad jeff invited you cuz your cool as fuck!". and I my friend is better looking than me too (no homo).

    Dont really see what I did that made her attracted to me :confused_2:

  15. must of had that swag bruh
  16. This, true friends don't exist, if he blows your brains out....well he would have anyways.
  17. Yeah i dunno man, like it's definately possible but by these examples alone its not clear that she wants you. Although, she may secretely like you more than your friend but wont do anything, was she drunk?
  18. Rub the clit and when it is wet you stick the jimmy in, trust me you won't regret.

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