Is my friends girl into me?

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  1. To make things clear Im not interested in her. This isnt a thread about how I should take her from my friend, cuz im not a douche like that. I am just wondering so I can prepare myself for her trying anything and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The last thing I want is for my friend to think im trying to take his girl.

    To start off the story I had never met this girl before. I came home from college and a bunch of my friends were meeting up and throwing in on a beach house. His girl came along with us. I properly introduced myself to her. Shes really cool, but im not into her like that. I dont even really find her that attractive.

    Well we didnt really talk a whole lot at first. Just did our own thing and had fun partying at the beach. But one night I remember talking to her drunk as hell and saying "Im glad Jeff brought you along cuz you're cool as fuck!". She gave me a big smile and I dapped her up. Over the week during that trip I notice shed laugh at my jokes or things I did. I didnt think anything of it though.

    One night I was really angry (which is a story for another time) and I was sitting on the couch mad as fuck. She sat beside me and put her hand on mine and asked what was wrong and if I needed anything to let her know.

    Even after all these events occured I still never really suspected anything. I just assumed she was really nice. But the thing that got me thinking that she might be kind of into me was on the car ride back. I was shirtless and sitting in the seat in front of her and my friend. my friend was asleep. we stopped at a place for some food. Right before I got out of the car and put my shirt on I felt two fingers gently stroking my back a few times. It was kind of strange and out of nowhere, so I chose to ignore it and go get some food.

    Now maybe its all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe she really didnt mean to stroke my back intentionally. but she did it more than once.. so i dont see how she could mistake my back for something else. I didnt look behind me either so i didnt know what she was doing. I hope its just a misunderstanding, but I feel like when you have a gut feeling about something like this you are usually right.

    So what should I do? Does it sound like shes into me? Should I be on my guard or just assume it was nothing?
  2. From what you are saying it sounds like she might have a little crush on you. Idk if shed try anything seeing that her bf is your friend, but hoes are crazy man. maybe she just tried something because she knew you were going back to school at some point? who knows.
  3. If she continues to do shit and touch you etc, let her know your confused at whats going on and your just interested in being friends and if she continues after that talk to your friend, tell him whats going on.
  4. Smash that shit hard man
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    nahh man id never be able to live with it. her bf is one of my good friends.

    oh yeah I forgot to mention we got a few random hoes to come to one of our parties at the beach house and I was flirting with one a lot in particular. And my friends girl was saying the next day how one girl in particular pissed her off (for reasons I cant was something dumb I think) and how she wanted her to leave. And I asked who and she says "the girl you were talking to a lot".

    once again maybe it was just a misunderstanding on my part. but the fact that she noticed i was talking to that girl a lot in a huge party full of people doing crazy shit is strange to me...
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  7. That pussy is yours man, think with the little head.
  8. Did you not read anything he posted? He wouldnt betray his friend and hes not attracted to her...?
  9. She might not even be into you, All my gf's friends do this kinda shit to me all the time. Who cares if she is anyway lol just ignore it or tell her to stop doing shit like that if it annoys you.
  10. a female touching your back means they want the dick? omg i could have fucked my second grade teacher...fml

  11. if shes not thats good. but I wouldnt want to date a girl who flirts and touches my friends. do that to the wrong guy and shit could go down.

  12. would you randomly start stroking a girls back if you werent attracted to her? serious question.

  13. Depends what you consider flirting, If you consider stroking someone's back flirting, I know i don't.
  14. I consider it random. I wouldnt stroke someones back out of nowhere. what other reason would she have? just felt like stroking a good ol back?

  15. I dunno being friendly or something lol?

  16. giving a guy a hug is being friendly. If it was the other way around and I was stroking her back I wouldnt be surprised if my friend would get pissed at me even if I wasnt intentionally flirting. thats why i wouldnt do something like that. especially out of nowhere.

  17. oh yeah man Im sure shes really friendly when her boyfriend is asleep lol. Kind of a weird coincidence if you ask me.
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    I dunno im just speaking from experience man, Every girls different.
    I'm just sayin don't look too much into it cause it probably doesn't mean anything.

    Its like if i just randomly start playing with one of my Gf's friends hair cause she's sitting next to me in a car or i start pretending to write stuff on her back with my finger or put my arm around her, Doesn't mean im flirting.

  19. if ya girl's touchin other dudes in any way that you wouldnt touch a dude, then you best guard your hoe. thats all im sayin. I wouldnt stroke my guy friends back idk about you.

    [ame=]Mac Dre - Guard Your Hoe - YouTube[/ame]
  20. Possible 3 way with friend? Eiffel tower that shit :p

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