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Is my friend using me for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Emily143, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. This is probably gonna be kinda long but bear with me. But I can't tell if I'm just being stingy and paranoid, but it seems like my friend is taking advantage of my weed.

    I definitely smoke quite a bit more than him in general so I mean obviously there are gonna be times where he doesn't have weed and I do and since I still want to smoke I kinda have to smoke him up. Which I mean, I don't really mind smoking him out if he would just return the favor occasionally too. He's never supplied weed, all the times we have smoked it has always been my weed because it seems he's always dry.

    But what is really bothering me is like probably twice now after we smoked he asked me if he could have a little nug when I was leaving for him and his friend later. Like what? After I was nice enough to be generous enough with my stash while we're smoking he's gonna ask me for weed to smoke when I'm not even around??

    This especially bothers me last time we smoked. First of all, when he asked me to come over he was like “bring weed”. That seems extremely rude. But I did, and we smoked several times. And he knew I was very low on weed and that I wouldn't be able to buy anymore for a few days. Yet he still had the audacity to ask me first for the weed that was left in the grinder. Then later asked me for a little nug. I even told him like “hey man I'm really low on weed right now …” but he persisted. What do you think of this?

  2. Run sweetheart. He's a selfish user with no weed etiquette.

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  3. a mooch..stop enabling the mooch until the mooch starts sharing weed
  4. If he is a good friend just tell him that you aren't going to be giving him any weed for later. If he want weed to smoke with other friends then they need to come up with a way to buy their own smoke.

    If he isn't really a great friend then just start telling him you do not have any weed to smoke. He will likely quit calling and move on to the next friend /victim.
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    He might not be using you for your weed, but he's a mooch. I'd ask him to chip in on the costs from now on, If he wants a nug, weight it and charge him. I have a friend who is generous with his cannabis, like you, but I smoke him out all the time so it's not all his cannabis that gets smoked.
  6. Those people aren't worth your time. I cut all those type of people out of my social circle. I'd tell him to either start buying munchies or getting his own weed and going halfs on bowls or some other type of compensation.

    I knew a guy who asked me for some weed for his mini party but i i couldn't come because, "there was already to many people man.." I barely knew the guy. Smoked with him like 3 times previously. I Told him to fuck off and haven't talked to him since. Those people don't tend to change. Same guy later on he stole a glass piece and tried to sell it to people of the same friend group.

    All the people the i chill with are fairly generous. For example, last night during a huge smoke session my friend E supplied an 1/8th of mids and 1.5g of Top Shelf Dank, I supplied a G of of the same dank, some wax, and Both my Solo and EQ, and my other friend supplied unmentionables and munchies.
  7. This is why (well, among many reasons) I prefer not to have friends.
  8. Probably, bro. I had a friend like that too. He only wanted to meet me and smoke up when I had weed. I mean, sure, sometimes he had his own, but he'd only offer to come out other than that if I would give him some. Don't let him go, but put your foot down, let him know.
  9. Really it just depends everyone is different, it could just be that they are a genuine friend and don't have as much money to buy as much weed as yourself and like to smoke up and chill since we'll, it is a friend. Or yea they could be plane ass using you, like picture the dude I'm the house "Ah shit no weed can't get no weed gonna call buttdick and go smoke some of their weed".

    Personally I don't even care about weed in terms of smoking out good friends, I'd just walk into my mates with a Half Oz or Oz depending on the funds at the time and just wack it out on the table and say smoke away, believe it or not my friends have never ever lifted one single nug on me without me offering, I'm even able to go take a dump in their house while my buddy's are down stairs and still nothing would be dipped or smoked without me saying so.
  10. Pinch him off
  11. I would seriously tell him where to go, he is definitely a mooch, start charging him for any weed you supply or tell him if he wants a toke to supply the weed as your sick of supplying him.

    I am only a light smoker and will sometimes borrow a joints worth off a friend if I fancy a smoke but don't have any but when I decide to have a weekend smoke session I always return the favour and give him what I borrowed plus a little extra.
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    Tell em put 5 on it. Seriously, tell him just like that
  13. Fuck that. The kid is a mooch, if anyone asked me to "Give them a little nug" to smoke later with a friend I would laugh in their face. The shit aint free.
  14. Some people call their friends "dealers" because they themselves can't score weed. Know your smoker's etiquette, it will save you friends and weed.


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    Wow, I can't believe people actually act that way, it's asinine. Totally just drop him man, cut him out of your life & move along. No need to turn aside for liars & people like him. Or if he asks for a nug again, tell him yes but it will cost ya, charge him a few dollars.
  16. Thank you everyone for all the replies, but I liked this one the best. I think you're right. He can't really dedicate as much money as I do to weed and I think if he had more weed around of his own he wouldn't be like that and if anything would probably be generous. Still is pretty rude, but thinking of it in those terms does make me feel better thank you very much!!
  17. No problem, I had an idea it was because of this as when I was 18 and didn't have much money my friend would always smoke me out, now that I have the money and the weed we just sort eachother out like rounds at the bar hehe. Always remember, "A friend without weed is a friend in need" my own quote haha
  18. I went through years of dealing with friends like this and trust me, it gets expensive. It started back in high school and just continued. If I were you id speak up, you don't have to be rude but just let them know its costing you too much and they need to take a turn chipping in. If they have a problem with that they might not be a friend worth keeping.
  19. Sounds like a dick. I know someone who's like that and I just wont ever smoke with him, in fact I don't even talk to him now.

    However, I have one mate that loves sharing. Whenever I go over we get blazed and use his stuff. I've tried to get him to use mine. I've put my grinder on the table and been like "use this" he says nah, and then packs a bowl of his stuff for me! The other day he gave me 2 brownies, and tried to give me weed to take home. I had to tell him I don't want his weed, I still have heaps.

    I think I'm gonna make some canna pb (got the recipe from here) and just make him eat some of my weed. I feel guilty, and he won't smoke mine!

    Oh and it's the same weed, I get mine through him
  20. Stop going around him, it's your weed bro. You paid for it. People like that are only out for themselves. Simply cut his bitch ass off then you will see how he really acts when you stop smoking him up. I live with someone who does that shit all the time. They will get an eighth of weed (3.5 grams) for all you new stoners out there an after they get it in-hand they go upstairs and bogart the shit out of their entire stash. The funny part about that is when they are out they will come downstairs and sit an basically wait for someone else to pack a bowl so they can smoke up their shit. Again to deal with these greedy spit-fucks cut them off until they realize that weed is meant to be shared and respected.

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