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Is my friend using me for weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gabyftw, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. I met my friend during junior year of high school, she was very nice and polite, and then I got her into weed. She asks to come over a lot, and when she does she never brings weed (and she has a job to buy weed so wtf) . I've basically been smoking her out for two years now, (we're about to go into college) and I'm getting pretty sick of it. I noticed that now she's basically turned into a feen. Whenever she's with her boyfriend is around we barely talk or see eachother. but now that he's out of town, she keeps hitting me up to smoke. I feel like she's changed so much now, she's definitely more sketchy. Not to mention she's not the only friend that I have that's like this. So my question is, do any of you go through similar stuff like this? And how do I deal with this situation? My bad if I sound cheap or whatever but I don't have enough weed to be smoking bitches out all the time!
  2. How about, stop giving her free tokes? If you smoke her up as much as you say then you wouldnt be in the wrong to deny her tokes, just be like "i"m low right now, you got weed right?" and if she stops hanging out with you then you know she was just using you.
  3. charge ten per blunt
  4. You're right, I'll definitely do that.  Thank you :)
  5. yeah, she may not know how to behave when it comes to smoking. Afterall, everything has a cost and marijuana isn't an exception. Guide her and manage or move on and manage without her. 
  6. Just charge your friend a few dollars per sesh that way your not losing money smoking her out constantly
  7. yes it sounds like to her your relationship is solely based on weed and therefore toxic to the both of you
  8. You're out and you're broke, but you know where to pick up if she wants to buy any - yeah that's it.
  9. Just tell her your out of weed four or five times. Most users will just move on and quit calling.
  10. She probably got so used to you smoking her up that she thought you were cool with it.  And unfortunately, I'm betting she is using you in a way that since you are always smoking her up she has the mind set of you doing all the dirty work so she doesn't have to spend any money and deal with sketchy situations.
    Ignore her or tell her straight up she needs to pay.
  11. did u actually just find a way to turn smoking weed into a drama
    ive blazed my friends out, theyve blazed me out, just be like yo wtf where the weed at
  12. If she's got her own supply it doesn't make much sense to use yours unless she's actually that mean in which case yes she is taking your weed. If she conveniently hangs out with you when she's out of her weed then it's clear that's what she's doing, but she could also just be accustomed to the dynamic that you two have and doesn't see anything wrong with what she's doing because it's always been that way. Just a thought.
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    Sounds pretty typical haha... You gave the inch, the mile was taken. A guy that does a similar thing to me and my bros gets the cold shoulder now. When he turned up to smoke all our weed we just sit there with the bong smoking away and a fat chop up on the table and blatantly deny we have weed until he left.

    When she texts you act like you have none and ask her to go halves on the cost. Her reaction will be fairly telling
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    I would've done the same thing lol! People act like you owe them something when that's the last thing you need to do.
    I'll tell her that she can go halves with me or buy her own shit cause this is getting really old :l
  15. It could be she doesn't know a dealer, give her your dealers number (check with dealer first) so she can go get her own, youll know if she was using you if she stops talking to you or if she still expects you to feed her weed.

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  16. Believe it or not, there are people who just fail to understand that weed costs money! I had a couple of friends who would always come and smoke weed provided my the rest of the group and they didn't even realise that they were being done a favour. They seem to think that it's public domain, like the magical weed-fairy comes and drops it off every night! Just tell the person that weed is really costing you a lot and they'll probably register that they should put in some wonga. 
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    Some people just dont understand how to smoke, they just dont get it, she is one of those people by the sounds of things.
    I have a friend who used to always freak out after smoking, I tried to educate him but he believes the propaganda BS so he thinks all sorts of bad shit will happen to him if he has to much and every time I try to let him know the truth about weed he just thinks I am crazy, so now I have just accepted he is a lost case and there is no hope with him, no point in trying to bang my head against a brick wall. Move on, its all you can do.
    Cut her loose!
  18. Tell her to go halfsies and see how she reacts.

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