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Is my friend ripping me off? *pics*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JakeNBake, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. #1 JakeNBake, Aug 25, 2008
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    I've known this guy all through high school and he was trying to sell me some weed. Now around here pretty much all the weed is good, I've never even encountered mids everything is good and I've been smoking for about 9 months. So he says 50 for 5 grams but I get a 10 sack to test it out and I don't really like the look of it. He says it's good but it looks like schwag to me or some 70's weed. Real leafy.

    What I'm used to getting:

    What I got:

    It looks like shit, I'm planning on smoking it tomorrow before my boring computer science class. Hope looks are deceiving.
  2. Hmm... try taking a few of those leaves off... could reveal some nice nuggs... never know lol
  3. #3 DimebagRIP88, Aug 25, 2008
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    Smoke it with an open mind. Only way to really know if it's good or not. Doesn't look like there are any seeds, but you're right it does look leafy. But hey, I've gotten tree that looked schwaggy but got me very pleasantly stoned.

    EDIT: Furthermore, the leaves from the very top of the plant are actually quite potent, and it looks like they have a fair amount of crystals.
  4. Yeah I've gotten some leafy shit before that was decent, but I don't know about 50 for 5gs.
  5. 5 g's for 50 is a good deal. usually its 3.5 for 50 =)... that dosnt look like "mids" to me but then again i cant smell it...
    usually mids dosnt have crystals like that..
    so id say
    ur gettin a good deal if hes gonna give u 5 for 50... ive gotten worse for more....
    peace and gl
  6. its a good deal but that looks like schwag its like this 10$=0.5 grams 20$=1.0 grams 30$=1.7/8 50/60$=3.5
  7. Hm, looks like it was an outdoor grow that wasn't trimmed. .7 for $10 isn't really a bad deal, so I would suggest smoking it and seeing how the high is. If it's all good, go for the 5 for 50.
  8. hmmm def not comparable of what you were used to getting... but $10 a gram high mids is the price that i have to pay sometimes, I dont like it :(
  9. well... how much do you pay for your 'usual' stuff? cause if it's the same price then i'd definitely say just stick with your other options.
  10. lol...5 g's for 50 bucks? well I would take it, but yet again i dont get those kind of nugs around here...and that even looks better then some I'D get it :smoking:
  11. shroomsters
  12. I get an eighth of the "usual" stuff for 40.

    And I talked him down to 45. I smoked some today and I was pretty high in class, couldn't focus on anything. It tasted like dirt though. I'm still not sure. Need to smoke a bowl to see. It was really leafy not real nuggy. I plan on making brownies with the 5g
  13. i had some dank that looked simalar it tasted like dirt but it got me really high but i got rid of it cause i hated the taste
  14. thats a good deal man, the leaves are crystally neway, and by me, we get good shit but its like 20$ per gram.... and sampling 1g first was smart, see how it feels/tastes but it looks miles above schwag
  15. ill smoke any part of the plant.
    but in all honesty, looks arent always hard fact on potency..i mean there ARE lots of cannabinoids in pot that differ in strength depending on strain, grow, etc(correct me if im wrong) so roll it up, light it up, toke it up, inhale, exhale. BOOM youre high as a motherfucker.

    -plus im pretty sure alot of a high is mentally based. which means believe your weed is magic and you'll be breathing fire all night long, or in this case all through computer science :D-

    and brownies aint picky with the weed you lace them with :)
  16. I guess for $45 for 5g, it IS weed. But it is still not the dankity dank thats for sure. I'm sure it is a good strain just they prolly burned it once or grew it in shit conditions. Something along the line happened but at long as it works at least thats a plus. I hate having "weed" that does not get me high. That sucks.
  17. I wonder how many people got confused over your pick-up pics vs. what you normally get (fooled me and I'm sober at the moment.)
    Average mids by appearance, but you can never be too sure until it's in your lungs.
  18. I know outdoor headies when I see it. I got a bag of blueberry like that recently, got me stoned as hell and it smelled and tasted exactly like froot loops. Goooood shit. Bottom line, try it and decide for yourself.
  19. looks can be deceiving when it comes to home grown weed. so smoke it and give it a review.
  20. #20 fvaambush, Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    Wow ok, for everyone that has figured it out yet, its beasters.

    This explains why it looks good for mids, but is not quite dank and tastes like shit. All beasters are overfertilized so if you smell it it smells like fertilizer.

    Is the bud dark green, kinda crystally with a lot of orange hairs all over it? Beasters are very often leafy too.

    5g's for 50 isnt bad for around here.

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