Is my friend gay?

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    Let me just cut to the chase. So last year at my school, there was a new kid. I felt bad because i was the new kid once, so i invited him into my "crew". My "crew" is a group of pretty cool kids, we all go out to parties and stuff and chill with some pretty attractive girls, etc. Well this kid never really seemed to be interested in girls. He loves to smoke bud, and we always smoke together and shit, and hes a good kid and a great friend. What i noticed right from the start though is that he is really touchy, and kind of feminine. He get's really touchy when we're high i almost feel uncomfortable. He loves clothes and fashion and stuff. He always insists to pay for us, like my group of friends, when we go places like movies and stuff and doesn't mind. We went into the city for a ski sale, and he was like im paying for our lunch at this really nice restraunt. like hes a nice kid but let me continue on.

    He always texts me, even when i'm like "cool" or like something that should end the conversation he just keeps trying to get it going. Also back to the touchiness, he always gets uncomfortably close to me, and like falls on top of me, and touches my arms and stuff its really weird i don't like it. I have no issues if he's gay just i really do not like him touching me. When we get drunk he does not leave me alone, when i talk to girls he'll interfere.

    I don't just wanna straight up ask if he's gay, but i know he is. He dresses perfectly, and buys expensive leather shoes and stuff but never wears them. He shops at like brook brothers and shit haha and buys the nicest clothes but never wears them. When i'm at his house he just has like insanely expensive clothes in his closet.

    Another story i just remembered, we were all talking about this one chick who is a dime, and one of my friends said he thought she was letting herself go and getting less hot, and he chimed in and made a comment about her hair. I don't know about you but usually someone comments about the body or something, but the hair? idk

    Sorry if i seem like an ass hole i have no issues with gay people, i just dont want him to try to pull a move on me or anything. So here's my overall question, should i straight up ask him if he's gay or should i just let him come out on his own. All of my friends take notice to him being really touchy and feminine too, its not just me and we all think he's gay but still. Yeah.

    Just need some advice cause over the time i feel like hes became more comfortable and gets closer and closer that i dont wanna hurt his feelings if he like tries something.

    ALSO i forgot to add that since i have met him he is a strong believing democrat. And i'm more of a republican because of economic issues in our country, but whenever i prove him wrong he's just like "well i think someone should be able to marry who they want it doesn't matter if its a boy or a girl." I agree i have no issues with gay marriage. He also occasionally posts things about gay marriage on facebook/twitter.
  2. Text him saying you trying to blow his back out and see what he says
  3. He definitely sounds gay. I wouldn't straight up ask him, though. Let him come out by himself (assuming his is gay, of course).

    However, if I were you I would ask him kindly to stop with all the strange physical contact. Can't have none of that shit.
  4. Don't jump to conclusions, just take it as it comes. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's going to make a move, and even if he's giving signals you should wait until he does try something so there's no doubt, then just assure him that you're not interested.

    No point making a huge deal out of it, just take it as it comes.
  5. Why not ask if you can't be honest with your friends then you're not really friends.

    Of course not many people are as bluntly honest as I am...
  6. I was actually going to try to post something worthwhile but after reading this, yeah nah fuck off.

  7. Sorry if we have different political views. I'm not against gay marriage he just randomly brings it up if he loses in an argument.
  8. He's either really feminine, weird as fuck or just straight gay. Try to set him up on a date with a pretty girl haha.

  9. it's not that i can't be honest, i just don't want to offend him if i randomly ask.
  10. He might be gay and he might be straight. Let him come out by himself. I would be offended if someone asked me if I was gay and I'm straight which I am. Just kindly asked him to stop all the touchy shit. That's what I would do, but do it when your alone with him. If you tell him to stop with all the touching around a group of people he might feel embarrassed
  11. If he is don't be a jerk to him. Be cool because he is still the same guy. If he tries to flirt with you or something definetly tell him to fuck off.
  12. Bro i stopped half way through, he gay, you should tell him whats bothering you and if he is gay thats cool with you but shit needs to stop.

    Thats P420s free high advice up to you what you do with.
  13. [quote name='just take it as it comes..[/QUOTE']

    I bet his friend would like him to do that

  14. I think im gonna just chill and not bring it up, its probably hard to be in his situation you know? if he keeps up the touching tho im gonna tell him to cut the shit tho cause it's so uncomfortable.
  15. Lmao that was funny ass hell
  16. Judging by that story, you're definitely gay.
  17. Aye dog this cute virgin asian said you are cute and wants to fuck, you down? Btw her brother said you is cute to and wants to get in on it you down?
  18. Tell him you have a girl over thats down to twirk, see what he says
  19. Yea I'd say he's gay, mainly because he commented on the girls hair and not her ass or something lol. Definitely don't ask him if he's gay though just wait till its just you two and tell him politely to stop with the unnecessary touching. No need to embarrass him in front of other people.
  20. [quote name='"Durb"']Don't jump to conclusions, just take it as it comes. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's going to make a move, and even if he's giving signals you should wait until he does try something so there's no doubt, then just assure him that you're not interested.

    No point making a huge deal out of it, just take it as it comes.[/quote]

    Hahahahah take it as it comes lol

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