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Is my friend gay? (not homophobic) jw

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DrLingIsKing, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. So one of my best friends since preschool just went off to college. Well he lived in the dorms for the first year. Then he started to change, ALOT. First off he started listening to totally diff music, rap and shit. Started hangin out with a bunch of really douchey kids. Now this year he got a house with three other roommates now i know one of the kids and he is cool as fuck, but he is NEVER their at all.(the cool kid) Well i went over to chill with my buddy (the one who might be gay) this week and he had one of those girly headband things on, he said it was to dry his hair out?? (wtf) Then he tells me that his other roommate just got caught going down to florida and getting paid by some sixty year old guy to suck him off and bone him! (another wtf?). Turns out this old guys sends them money for rent and food all the time.... lol. Also another weird thing, his Gay roommate decide to come out in the living room while me and my buddy were chillin and drinkin, and just drop his pants and shit bawlz out n everything. That wierded me out cuz his room was like five feet away lol. Also my friend aslo talks about boning chicks 24/7 like an unnatural amount, and the chicks he hooks up with are all ugly as fuck? I feel bad cuz we always used to call him gay. But now he actually might be.

    So whatchya think blades he gay? How should I ask him if he is?

    sry bout that long ass post hopefully it makes sense haha:smoke:
  2. sounds lke his friend needs an assbeating... and id just come out and ask him!
  3. I would have kicked the douche bag who dropped the shorts in the nuts and then ask your friend u gay?
  4. If i drop my pants, in my own house, and a guest has something to say, they can gtfo. Not your house, not your balls, dont look, or dont come over lol

    Thats reality

  5. i wouldnt know if he is gay cause id have to know him but who cares?his personal preference...and im a really opened minded person so if someone droped their pants balls out it wouldnt bother me....peace and love :)
  6. So you think he's gay because he has a gay roommate? No one is going to be able to give you an accurate answer from the information you gave. Does he dress unusually well? Does he talk with a lot of "OMG's" and other female mannerism's? Does he talk about having sex with men? Look for signs other than the fact that his roommate likes to get naked.
  7. When you kisses him, did he kiss like a gay guy? I would say the only thing that sounded gay was the headband he was wearing. And the naked man, the music, and the guy who fucks the older guy for food and money. All that together, and the fact that you said you always thought your friend was gay.

    Probably a little shocking, but be a good friend.

    Don't go on any camping trips with him as his new friends.
  8. Haha ya i dont really care at all, im still gonna be friends with him i was jw if i should call him gay as an insult anymore. And he started talking about making money through this website where he jacks it in front of a webcam (thats how his roomate met the florida guy). He says chicks watch it but i can guarantee that no chick wants to watch some random guy wack off on a fucking computer lol. Mostly jw if i should or should not take up an invite to stay over at his place.... i dont think ill be doing that anytime soon lmao
  9. lol you said you arent homophobic and your post right above here describes you being homophobic

    IF he is gay, why is staying there an issue... just as straight men arent attracted to all women, a gay man isnt attracted to all men....

    Secondly, calling people gay as an insult, is being homophobic, and you shouldnt do it at all.... if you think using the word to describe something negative (aka using it as a "diss" it means you have a negative connotation to the word) it means you think something is negative about the word lol.....
  10. good insight ill be more open (i was joking around btw not worried bout staying their)
  11. just ask him if you can suck his dick; if he says yes then he's gay.

    probably better than, " U GAY BRO?"
  12. None of us can tell you if you're friend is gay or not. Only your friend could let you in on that secret. So ask him why he's changed so much.
  13. That does not sound like any gay gents that I know.
  14. Alright thanks blades just wonderin and blazin, kinda been a joke amongst other friends wonderin if it was legit at all. =P
  15. Joking about someone's sexuality is jacked up. That's why suicide is higher among gay men. People were just 'joking' as they bullied them into an early grave.
  16. Yes yes he is happy.

    the Word you are looking for is QUEEER!
  17. Idk i guess its funny because it goes against nature then again there was a study that showed other animals participated in homosexual activity, including dolphins lol.
  18. #18 giraffe, Oct 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2011
    [quote name='"DrLingIsKing"']

    Idk i guess its funny because it goes against nature then again there was a study that showed other animals participated in homosexual activity, including dolphins lol.[/quote]

    Who is to say what is natural and what is not?
    Being homosexual is not 'funny'

    My two best girl friends date each other, and they have not told their most of their family. Every family reunion, they get super stressed out about keeping it on the down low. Even classmates (in college, wtf) still make comments and "joke" about it. it gives me the worst feeling in my stomach that people can judge my friends, based on their sexuality. I can't even imagine what they must feel like.
    Honestly, your friend's sexuality is none of your business.
  19. Spoken Like a true "gay rights" advocate. .

    Joking about sexuality is hilarious especialy when it's not the same as yours. I like fat chicks and as funny as everyone thinks that is I've never contemplated killing myself because I have a way easier time finding "atractive" well rounded (pardon the pun) women. Everyone just needs to look in the mirror and tell the self hating little bitch looking back at them to "fuck off". Discrimintaion isn't my problem it belongs to people who like to feel sorry for themselves. Where is the "chubby chasing, short, balding, whiteguy's rights" movment? Get over yourselves and we will all be equal seeing as how we all just basicly turn food into poo and die.

    OP does your buddies dick taste like your asshole? That'd be a sign.
  20. Idk why dont you tell me how it tastes butt slut

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