Is my friend crazy for doing this?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. My friend goes to law school right now, and he smokes almost every night. He does all his work during the day and busts his asss studying, but at night when he is finished he just smokes to relax, then goes to sleep and does the same thing the next morning. Is him still smoking in law school (probably the hardest professional school next to medical school) insane? Or would it not affect his academic performance in the sense that it isn't going to make him slower or anythign in class?
  2. I know business man who make 300,000+ a year and do LSD and cocaine on a daily basis. Just people that are on top of things and are very disciplined.
  3. haha see that would be "my friend". He works hard, he plays hard. Even though that saying is so friggin cliche, it is how he lives his life. He just loves smoking but he also loves law and wants to do both for the rest of his life. I think in the future he is going to start his own law firm up, and probably have a "smoking" room somewhere. :D
  4. I met some guy who sold crack to somebody high up in microsoft up in washington, he traded him an ounce of stone for a 360 elite and a bunch of accessories way before it even came out.
  5. my grandma opened her own business, made 500 Gs a year (ofcourse this was after she was done raising my mom and the uncles), sold it, man, she was loaded...and ya know what...she will hit that bong with ya, and smoke that joint with ya...
  6. I believe it.

    Everybody likes they buzz on, Jus not everyone admits to it. And high up/rich people alot of times like more then jus weed, They can afford the finer things so they start with that then onto addiction and shit like crack.

    Seen it happen, I knew a dude about 45 years old who looks easy 65+.

    Real succesful dude, Made major money, Round late 30's got into coke, At 45 hes living in my buddys garage drankin whiskey the minute he wakes up and downing ti and smokni crack all day, Living an illusion.
  7. KSR, that's a sad story but so true. I hope he gets his shit under control; there's nothing sadder to me than a waste of a mind.

    as to the OP, smoking and law school is fine, as long as you smoke AFTER you're done with your nightly quota of work and research.
  8. yea that is what "my friend" does. Absolutely no smoking during the day, unless it is a weekend. :D
  9. Hey, I'm in law school and I smoke at night to relax or on the weekends to unwind. Law school is extremely fucking don't have time to get drunk, and you are too poor to afford cocaine, haha. As long as he keeps his shit together, he'll be great. Top 5% of my class and I'm a proud pothead!!

  10. jeez, top 5%? Man you shit hit me up on AIM or something,
    "my friend is a 1L and he is busting his butt so far and really am shooting for that top 10% area, maybe you have some tips for a 1L? Also, what law school do you go to, you can PM me that if you would like.
  11. Japanese students are known for committing suicide if they do not make it in or flunk out of a prestigious university due to the stress.

    Toking up to relieve some of the mind-blowing anxiety isn't a bad thing..

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