Is my friend being used by a girl from the Philippines ?

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  1. My friend (24/M) has been in a never-met Long distance relationship with a girl (22/F) he met online for 7 months. He’s going to fly to the Philippines in July to meet her.

    She’s crazy... doesn’t trust him and they’re always fighting. Constantly blows up his phone and accuses him of cheating etc..

    She has no job, no money. She already made a schedule of where they’re gonna go when he visits and the things they’re going to do. (Hotel, Malls, Restaurants, etc) and he’s paying for EVERYTHING.

    And she’s also pushing for marriage already even though they haven’t met yet. He’s gonna be treated as a walking ATM..

    I warned him not to go because

    I’m Filipino myself and been to the country. It’s amazing what they’ll do to get out of the poor country and move to the USA.

    Also I’m worried that once she has her green card and working visa once they’re married she won’t need him anymore and leave him..

    But he won’t listen and wants to meet her. Do you think she’s in it just for his money and a chance to move out of the poor country ?! Please help!!!

    TL;DR - Friend is gonna meet his long distance girlfriend of 7 months in the Philippines and shes broke with no job and he’s gonna spoil her and marry her. What’s the chances of her using him to move to America ?!
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  2. A friend of mine went through the same thing. Hot Philippino chick. Looked like a porn star. They got married, had 2 beautiful daughters and she divorced him after they were married long enough for her to stay in the U.S.. she was a ho though. She'd bang anyone. She wanted a piece of this, but I have some morals. So, maybe she's like my friends ex. She may offer to slob on your knob.
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  3. I’d say it’s very likely that’s exactly what’s going on. One of my cousins went through something very similar about a year ago. He went to the Philippines to meet her and everything. Fortunately he figured out what was going on when he got there.
  4. What’s the chances that she’s actually in it for a lifetime happy marriage ?
  5. Please explain more
  6. I dated a Filipino chick, she is nuts and a cheater. Must run in their blood. But sometimes you have to let people make their own bad decisions.
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  7. He says he trusts her and loves her.
  8. Oh god. There is nothing you can do but tell him it's a bad idea and be there for him when it goes poorly.
  9. Maybe they just like to...feel-a-penis...
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  10. I would call it attention-whoring.
  11. I don’t know exactly what happened because he didn’t want to go into detail. But basically he just said that she was younger than what she told him and that she was using him to get into the U.S. :confused_2:
  12. sounds like a bad idea if he's trying to do anything more than smash
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  13. Possible. But doubtful
  14. Yep she's trying to get that green card. Dated a chick from Mexico. After 3 months she was asking to marry I was like "da fuck?"
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  15. yeah scams are usually pretty obvious dude. ive talked to a lot of girls online in my day and its pretty easy to spot. the ones that get attached right from the get go are always trouble. they want you to think they are madly in love with you so they can get whatever they want from you as soon as possible. this chick sounds like the classic case of a scammer.

    im taken now, but my rule of thumb when interacting with random online chicks was that if they act super attached right from the get go, im out. if they get jealous for no reason and assume things, im out. if needing or wanting money is mentioned in any fashion, im out. those things are the biggest red flags. also if they are not video chatting on the regular then thats a red flag too.
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  17. LOL, they are called LBFM's. Little Brown Fucking Machines .
    That's what they do , and some do it extremely well.
    I dont know why any of you all are surprised,
    When Marco's was in power all women in any service occapation was considered a prostitute.
  18. I say we flip the script on these bitchos and divorce them a year before green card. Lol
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  19. Please listen to yourself Jeffersong. You know what's up so just don't go.
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