Is my friend a paranoid idot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyro01, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So my bro picked up some bud the other night and so i called him. Then he was really shakey on the phone i was like "Wow your an idiot nobody's listening" then he preceded to tell me "um my sisters gotta use the phone bye" i was like wtf... So i meet him the next day and he said it was 9/10 stuff and then he said "you're going to get me in trouble you can't talk about that stuff on the phone" i was like ok thats not that bad. But whats worse is that he some how thinks that texting is ok to talk about weed with. W.T.F.
  2. Unless he's like a major player with prior run-ins with the law, nobody's listening to his phone calls

  3. That's what the man wants you to think. In reality they've got a dossier on every one of us.
  4. Im the paranoid guy in my group and even I think that's retarded. I call my guy about weed all the time. Texting would be worse because they can search for key phrases. They can do that on the phone but only if it threatens national security, not some stoners trying to get high
  5. cops don't give a shit about kids slinging 20 bags or 8ths
    they want the real shit so don't worry damn

  6. This. Nobody gives a shit about your friend, and yes he is an idiot.

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