Is my flower already flowering :(

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  1. I am going to post of pictures, there are these wight hair thingy's but the smell isnt that bad. its my bagseed baby haha. Please tell my it isnt flowering :(

    sorry for picture quality :/


    My browser wont let me make the images smaller sorry i am computer stupid :confused:
  2. it's been flowering for 2-3 weeks from the way it looks...
  3. FU** !! urgg ok :/ umm then how long before i harvest what little bud when its time ? think i can get atleast 3-4 grams ? or am i pushing it ?
  4. you still there ?
  5. Easily an 8th if you dont pick it early, let it just do its thing. Sense its a seed it might try to re-veg
  6. It still has at least a good 3 weeks of flowering, during that time your buds will increase in size nicely, i'm guessing you'll at least have a minimum of 7g :), don't feel too dishearted, you still have others ;)

  7. WHAT !? :D i didnt think i would be harvesting this thing till almost September XD
  8. I'd say it should be ready around late June / early July :)
  9. bro, you're way off. youll probably get over a half oz.
  10. yeah expecting 3g is garbage, theyll get bigger buds and probably sprout more, mine last year did the same just give it time and plenty of sunlight to make dense buds, itll be fiiiiiine
  11. you know the strain?
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    nahhh man it was a bagseed of some mid haha :confused:
  13. your yield will increase as the buds keep growing and more will come in most likely. flowering periods usually range between 7-10 weeks but can be shorter (rarely) and can be longer. so yeah ide agree with atleast another 6 weeks of flowing.

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