Is My Fertilizer Still Good?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by kahgknow, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Hey everybody, today I went to re-amend some soil and when I was mixing up my nutrient mix I noticed my Chickidy Doo Doo fertilizer had somehow gotten moist and was clumping together in spots. Is this still ok to use or is it going to lose value? Should I get a new bag? It was a full bag minus a couple of cups (25 lb bag) pretty cheap at the store. Is it going to be ok in my mix? I added it in anyways cause I have quite the variety so I thought it would be ok.
    Also, I recently purchase 50 lb bag of Alfalfa at the store and they ordered me the pellets, from what I understand I can just crush these up into "alfalfa meal" and will be good to go, correct?
    Thanks for the replies folks have a great day.
    One other thing I have recently read through quite a bit of information trying to gain a better hold on my organic growing before spring comes and the ladies and vegetables take up all my time, I just want to say I have been spraying my plants down with a foliar of just alfalfa (I have heard alfalfa and kelp is better) I have never seen such tighter internodes on a plant. I have a lady in flower who is going to be 2 weeks into flowering on saturday and she is already swelling up, not because of any bud (she has none), but because her internodes are so tight. I grew her before and all I have to say is WOW this is like some magical spray they advertise in the grow stores except it cost probably like 10 cents and actually does what it is suppose to. Organics FTW. Also, for comparison my gf caregiver is growing out a strain we are when his plant was 5-6 weeks in the buds were half the size ours are with barely any trich's, right now our fan leaves are already getting covered in trich's, I think I already know who has the better product. And I am not quite sure we are 5 weeks in just yet.

  2. Don't bother crushing the alfalfa pellets - I don't. As soon as they moisten they fall apart, as I'm sure you noticed with your tea. Use them as is.

    I'd also not worry about the Cheep Cheep chicken manure pellets - unless they are all moldy and even then I'd still use them.

    Good deal on your plants! It sounds like it's all coming together,

  3. Thanks for the tip on the pellets. I actually haven't used them yet as I still had some alfalfa meal left over. This stuff sure does last a while. I have only used about 10 pounds in 1+ year I can only imagine how long this 50 lb sack will last!
  4. Quick question regarding the pellets, do I use the same amount as if I were using the meal or is it different? Also are these better than the meal, I have read they use molasses (correct me if I am wrong please) to hold alfalfa together to make pellets, in that case the molasses would be feeding the microbes (again correct me if I am wrong) so that makes me feel like they are superior to the alfalfa meal. Any more information regarding this would be great! Thanks again.

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