Is my female plant producing seeds??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spartanGREEN, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. I recently had a hermie that may have contaminated her... So I am a little paranoid. This is autoflower that it only getting 12 hrs of light but I think I am going to flush her soon.

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  2. Looks fine to me.

    Dont flush yet, it has a ways to go yet. And the last couple weeks adds the most weight to the plant, so dont chop too soon.
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  3. U found a bunch of seed?
  4. Well I saw a little nugget thing, plucked it off, and it felt a little hard and heavy. Kinda looked like a seed but I'm new to this.
  5. I nicknamed those things ' kernels '...cause they remind me of corn, LOL...Nothing to worry about !
  6. thanks
  7. Oh nice looking bud.
    What is it and who is the breeder?
  8. Na that was a swollen calyx bro they don’t look like seeds to me... even if a bit of 1 bud got pollinated, only that bud will have a few seeds in it. It happened to me once with a hermie and I chopped too soon then only found 2 seeds when I thought there were more so I’d wait it out and chop when she’s ready

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