Is my DIY grow tent safe? Pics inside :)

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  1. NOTE: The light hanging IS NOT what I am using to grow :)

    So I built a DIY grow tent using 1 inch PVC pipe and emergency blankets. I used hot glue to seal the mylar blankets to the PVC pipe. I am growing in a deattached garage in Alaska so I need all the heat/help I can get!

    I haven't purchased a light yet because Iam still unsure about the safety of the tent. I left the super HOT halogen work light in there for a bit and it got well past 80 degrees. The temperatures will only be dropping from here on out so high temps are far from my concern. I am more worried about the hot glue and the VERY THIN walls.

    I plan on doing 2 plants in DWC buckets. I am considering a pallet underneath with a heater and fan pushing hot air up threw the floor or will the heat from a light be enough?

    I've attached some pictures but please let me know if you guys need more info. I really do appreciate all of the help you guys provide!

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  2. Looks good

    really only time will tell

    so long as you can keep up the tents come winter

    I'll be looking out for you

    as I just west of you

    good luck
  3. Thank you, much appreciated and good luck over there :). My main worry is that I get a light that's too hot for the security blanket and/or hot glue and cause a fire hazard.
  4. a 9v smoke alarm is very cheap security

    along with a temperature controller on the ballast

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  5. Why not use foil tape instead of glue?
    Honestly, I'd just buy a cheap tent for like $50. Would be much more durable, lightproof, etc. Would also give you the option of using an inline fan/carbon filter for temps and smell if that's a concern.
    For emergency blankets and pvc you did a damn good job tho lol.
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  6. A snowmobile / jet ski crate and panda film get you a bigger tent cheaper than buying a $50 that will be 2x2x3 or something.
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  7. There are no places online that will ship to alaska. Amazon and eBay will not due to the length. I tried my hardest to get one ordered for around $100 but had no luck. If anyone know of a place who will ship to alaska please let me know!

    I will be buying g reflective tape, I thought hot glue would make am even seal better but I believe I was wrong lol
  8. It's 2x2x5, about 60 Sq ft. Both mylar and panda film were about $50 alone (panda film being much higher).

    A snowmobile crate is an AMAZING idea, a little heavier then what I would like but good nonetheless. I will need another tent so I am still gathering ideas! Thank you![/QUOTE]
  9. I spent $30 on a 4x4x7 tent, using panda and snowmobile crate.
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  10. How heavy is the crate?
  11. I don't know. I don't lift it. It came from the ATV shop broken down into the 4 sides. Each side is fairly heavy, but not so much so that it is a problem. I just stood up each side, screwed them together at the corners, and put up panda on the inside. I used a double flap for the door, attached on opposite sides. It works very well.
  12. Got Pics...?
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    Nope. Cameras don't go near anything until the tent is empty. Until that time, any tent or any contents thereof are hypothetical scenarios of things that someone could do if they were so inclined.

    That said, if you take a snowmobile crate that is broken down to 4 sides, wrap the inside of each of three panels with panda and staple / glue / tape (staples with plastic washers cut from a milk jug work slick), then assemble it so that it is standing on end, you'll have what you need. Do 3 sides this way, screw them together to make a closet, screw the 4th side on WITHOUT panda. Then put panda on the door side, stapling the top and right side of one layer, and the top and left side of a second layer. Part the curtains and you have a cheap door.

    Take a couple 2x3s, measure and rabbet out notches so that they're cut through about halfway when stood vertically, and slot them across the top to make a point to hang lights, fans, whatever. Honestly, I should just make a how-to about this once the tent is empty and stops being a Schrodinger's tent.
  14. don't exhist
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  15. Ok,that does make a little more sense, I see how you don't use as much panda film which cuts down on the cost alot,and wood is quite study. I would really appreciate it a how to of some sort or even a pic or two. This is something I am very interested in.thank you
  16. 32"x32"x63" Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent Removable Floor Tray Indoor USA | eBay
    $77.99 Free Shipping
  17. ^^ And that's why I didn't go store-bought. DIY is so much cheaper for so much more space.
  18. Give me a couple weeks and it will happen.
  19. You can get the dimensions and weight and see if ups, fedex, dhl ect will ship. If they will, just pay for a will call tag or whatever it is called and mail it to the vendor. They can call the carrier to pick it up. Just because they wont ship doesn't mean you can't find a carrier that will. I just bought a mars hydro tent and when it showed up I thought it wasn't it due to how small and lite the packaging was.
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