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is my dealer overpriced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HyperJerk, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. i usually buy 7g for 60 bucks but i asked my dealer how much for a half oz and an oz he said "a half is 110-120 and oz range from 200-240"

    i said its gotta be dank then and he said dank is about 160 but this good green is 200-240?

    im not sure if its a rip or not?
  2. Edit: Wait idk im confused
  3. That is not a ripoff whatsoever. Those are better prices than I've gotten anywhere in MD and PA-Been smoking for four years.

    I used to pay 35 an eighth for KB when I knew the dealer, but that was years ago.
  4. your dealer sounds retarded. 'dank' and 'good green' should be the same exact price. dank describes the best.
  5. this was pretty damn confusing to read if i must say so.

    but from what i could gather, you aren't getting ripped off.
  6. wat

    Never pay more than 20/g. If you're buying in bulk you should get a discount. Not all dealers offer this however so it's primarily all based on your situation. You are the best bet in figuring this out because we aren't you or in your position.. hell you didn't even give us a location so that some local might be able to help you out on here.

    I'm paying anywhere from $300-375 for a zip, but that's because I live in a very shitty area when it comes to bud prices. If you like what you got and how much you paid for it, then that's all that really matters. Your basically smoking your money, so if you think it was worth it, then it was. There are too many variables to give you a direct answer.
  7. 300 to 375 is average / good prices for most of the country for primo buds. Try living in new york like my friend and paying 475 to 500 for the best. You dont have it tooo bad trust me;)

    i pay 275 for medical quality but thats just b/c i have a good connect now.

    To the OP.. your not being riped off if your paying 240 an oz for good buds. thats a
    good price. unless its some beasters or mids then your getting rippped off
  8. i live in ontario around toronto area
  9. ya thats actually pretty average prices for canada. You canadians are so lucky it is about half the price in canada as it is in the states and its usually really good herb. buy a oz for sure and post pics!:D
  10. thats a pretty good price. What state?
  11. Describe what good green and dank is to you.
    You may be getting ripped off or getting a great deal depending on the quality. Alot of times new smokers think there getting dank and it's really just beasters which look dank but suck.
  12. i just bought the DOPEST dope for like 120 a half. AAA black Ticket PK. sooo bomb.

    love canada :D
  13. thats straight, i live near you, those prices are normal, not exceptional, but standard.
  14. I just payed $100 for a quarter of some DANK! and that was in Michigan, your prices are fine Canadian

  15. :confused: Beasters doesn't suck. It just means it was grown in B.C., Canada

    Just bought the DOPEST dope for like $45 a half.

    Gotta Love Cali :D
  16. Prices are 8ths/quarters, zones

    60/120/350 for kill Dro
    45-50/90-100/280-300 - BC Dro
    5/20/60 (450lb) - Reggie MX crap

    Az Prices
  17. thx everyone just makeing sure i dont get ripped
  18. dank to me is above mids
  19. you explained this weirdly...depends on quality

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