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Is my dealer a cop?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by volcanic, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hey guys. So I heard my usual guy got arrested a couple weeks ago. I hadn't bought anything from him (or asked for anything) cause I just assumed he'd be dry for a while. Well, he just texted one of his advertisement to me & I'm tryin to get some but idk if it could be a cop. Maybe I'm just being paranoid cause I'm stoned but you know. Should I be like "hey man I heard you got busted, you good now?" or something like that? Idk I just feel sketch..,,
  2. If I had any doubt in my mind regarding my dealer, I'd find a new one.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

  3. It could be cops trying to set you guys up. But I would doubt it, still a possibility. I can't imagine cops caring much about some kids buying a 1/8. They want his guys. Unless you're in a small town.
  4. Yeah usually they move up on the chain not down. if you want to be sure you should plan a meet and not show up but still be close enough to be able to see if anyone but your dealer shows.
  5. Trying calling him if he dont answer then just dont buy from him until further notice.
  6. Thanks for the replies! Ended up texting him about the arrest & found out it was his friend that had his phone & was selling.
  7. Sounds way too sketchy.
    Don't risk it
  8. "Hello yes, this is Officer Fr... I mean this is official friend. I'm selling weed for your dealer now!"
  9. Definately!

    Any suspicions about your current guy, don't risk it. Even if you are only buying small amounts, most you should get is a fine and a warning or something small. Like baebee said, better safe than sorry.
  10. If it was a set up they'd be looking for the guy HE buys from, not the guys he sells to. This being said, exercise caution here.
  11. He's a cop and he's reading this thread now. Have fun in prison!
  12. Ive never texted my guy withthe context of getting something. Its always along the lines of "hey man can i come by" combined with an open door policy, it creates a better situation if it were to become an alibi, like shit what will i get arrested for attempting to visit my friend..?
  13. IDK they usually go up the chain. But you never know, as they say it in Georgia give 3 go free

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