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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DoeDabs, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I bought wax from a club and got home a performed the "at home test" to see if it was safe. I put a small amount on the end of a paper clip and put a lighter flame to it. The wax melted but sizzled and ran down the paper clip. Any ideas why? Is it safe to go ahead and start takin dabs?

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  2. well did it catch on fire? I just kinda check it by seeing how it reacts on a nail. If it sizzled it needs more purging because of remaining chemicals. 
  3. Didnt catch flames no jus balled up into a liquid ball sizzled and rolled down the paper clip. Is it safe to use?

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  4. If it's just a one time thing it ain't gonna kill ya.
  5. how many dab bombs would u consider a "one time thing"?

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  6. 40 years worth....toke up!
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  7. It's most likely just moisture trapped within your oil...or it could be butane. If it tastes funky then it's residual butane.
  8. If it has butane residue is it harmful?

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  9. just throw it on a nail. i havent tired to put it on a paper clip nd light it with a lihter. but im sure itll bubble around. whne u thrwo wax in to purge it bubbles till u take it out. so i wud throw it on a nial nd see. post a pic of the bho nd its easier to tell
  10. Til your done with this purchase and decide to go get some from somewhere else that has good oil.
  11. Ive got concentrate from this club before but it was purged with flowers only and just melted off when i tested it. The kind i got this time was purged with stems flower and shake atleast thats what they tell me

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  12. Stick to solvent-less waxes or just flower.. get this chemical conglomerate out of here. Disgusting to say the least.
  13. I agree i chose to dab but only safe shit thats why im asking if this is a problem or not im a flower fan overall

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  14. The amount of ignorance people have towards concentrates is amazing. Do some researchbefore you inhale something Into your body

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  15. Tts wht im tryna do lol since im so ignorant help me out ol wise one

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  16. From what I understand only bho made with vacuum purges are fully butane free, but most are mostly free of butane. If it crackles then there's impurities like butane or water in it, but all have sizzled a little for me.

    There's other extractions... ice water, co2, propane, isopropyl alcohol, etc

    on my second grow:

    1000W Coco Sour Diesel SCROG
  17. I thought the more it bubbled the better haha? Anyways bho is never completely butane free

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  18. you'll probably be fine. you breath in a shit load of garbage just walking out to check the mail
  19. Not true it still all has butane in it, even if it may only be 50ppm. And 2,000ppm and under you stop tasting the butane so it will hit smooth look smooth and be filled with butane

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