is my clone ready for soil?

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  1. Hey peeps, I'm new here and I am just wondering whether I should plant my clone yet or not? Its been in the rock wool for a week, and I did use rooting gel. It looks like it has a tiny bit if new growth, but I don't see roots sticking out yet. Thanks in advance!:)

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  2. I wait till I see roots out of the plug....
  3. I do too. I wait till there is a good amount of roots coming out of the plug.
  4. OK that's what I thought originally, thanks for the input guys! Also how do I tell the difference between rock wool and peat? Not actually sure what I have.. dude at the grow store just handed them to me.
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    Looks like you're using a plug. like a root riot or something like that. Rockwool looks like white home insulation kinda.
  6. Rockwool cubes on the left and root riot plugs on the right. I prefer the root riot cubes but the Rockwool cubes work just as well

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  7. Ok so are plugs made of peat moss?
  8. I think they make them from bark
  9. Rapid Rooter Grow Plugs are a sponge like material, all natural soilless organic grow plugs made of composted tree bark and organic materials. These biodynamic plugs are perfect for seedlings or cuttings. Transplant plugs in soil or soilless hydrogardening applications. Grow Plugs are manufactured with a proprietary composting method and contains natural beneficial fungi from this advanced composting biotechnology. Seedlings and cuttings grown in Grow Plugs will be able to transplant days ahead of plants started in Jiffy 7, Rockwool, Oasis, or Pro Mix. Grow Plugs are biodegradable and 100% organic.
  10. Nice! Good info thanks dude!
  11. Anytime man!

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