Is my clone ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ecslickz, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. It's a Green Crack clone I got at a local dispensary earlier this week and it seems to look sad to me haha maybe I'm trippin but tell me what you think....




  2. look like u watered it too much. and looks like it has a little nitrogen deficiency.
  3. Dead on... Looks like it has been overwatered alittle which is causeing the drooping leaves and the nitrogen deficeney is causeing the yellowing, my guess would be your soil is causeing the nitrogen problem.
  4. Is it going to die?

    What should I do about the nitrogen deficiency?
  5. u will be fine just transplant it. i would go with lite mix soil by bio biz. that will just give u a little nutes so it will let it come back than i would start lite nutes. and work ur way up to the reg doses. if Ur a new be i would tell u to go with organic nutes. it is hard to over do it. and its safer to ur plant. and get a little bottle of super thrive i would use that when u transplant it. it has over 50 vitamins. plus vit b. which helps with transplanting

  6. :eek::eek: *GASP* :eek::eek:

    thats the absolute last thing i would recomend anyone do.

  7. i said only to use nutes after the clone is better health.
  8. why the hell would u transplant it. it's just over watered and lacks N,

    transplanting would just shock it.
  9. Indeed i wouldnt suggest transplanting it. I would suggest not watering it as much, and start feeding it a very diluted mixture of some 20-20-20 veg food of your choice.
    Your plant will be fine, you should start to see a change in leaves in a couple days after not watering it so much.
  10. I'm not transplanting I'm going to give it some diluted ferts in a couple days and take it easy on the watering when I do water...

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