Is my CFL supposed to get this hot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Skunky Monkey, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. OK guys so basicallly started a winter closet grow and i got a 200W 2700k red spectrum CFL bulb and it's getting hotter than i thought it would and kinda smells a bit funny. CFL's generally are supposed to be cool to the touch, any imput would be great. :smoking:
  2. I got rid of my CFL's because if they didnt have fans blowing DIRECTLY on all of them, they would be hot to the touch and bump my temps up even with venting.

    - and any that dont have fans blowing directly on them, have been screaming hot to the touch.
  3. Seems like the really big cfls dont do much besides put off a shitload of heat
  4. Im not sure what you mean about CFL's being cool to the touch. The small 23w ones I use in my bedroom get super hot after 30 minutes or so. I imagine if you are growing with them the heat is far less than HID but still something you need to manage.
  5. the tubes are very cool and only the ballst gets hot one fan is enought for 10 t8 tubesif you even think u need t i never get above 80f in my 4x6 room
    and with teh t8 tubes the plant can touch them and not get burned
  6. Yeah the regular fluroescent tube lights like t5, t12, etc are a lot more efficient than the swirled counterpart in terms of heat. those things are great for vegging a mother plant and her cuttings.
  7. Yeah there the giant cfl's are they ANY good at all i'm using the red spectrum 200 watt for flowering
  8. I've found if you use cfl's, it's better to have multiple smaller wattage cfl's like the 26 watters than several of the bigger ones. The big ones put out a lot of heat and fans can deal with that but with more smaller lights, that's more surface area for heat to more efficiently dissipate into the surrounding air. Also, more lamps means more dynamic control of placement which is useful for side lighting and such. The drawback is you need more wiring, more sockets, ect. I have a couple "bigger" 60 watters and one 100 watt (real watts) that I only use for side lighting - all the rest are the smaller lamps. Someday I will get a HPS and just veg with cfl's...
  9. i use 250w clfs for growing. if plants grow into them they will burn it. but the long 42w ones dont. so yeah im guessing for a 200w one this is normal

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