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Is my bud still fresh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokinbrah, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. i've been on a family vacation for 2 weeks (the tbreak has been rough) and i get back saturday night. i have 2gs of some green crack at home and i put it in a couple of baggies and put it in my tight vac in a drawer in a room that doesn't get any light. do you guys think that any mold might have grown on the weed? if there's mold then is smoking moldy weed bad? i need to get fucked up the night i get back :smoking:
  2. No way man, your to paranoid, unless u left it in the heat with water and light I highly doubt mold will ever grow on your buds.

    Smoke up bro.
  3. Where'd the common sense go?

    Yes, after only a few weeks and after you put your weed into a couple baggies and air-vacuumed it, your weed will be extremely moldy.

    Yes, since smoking or ingesting anything that's moldly is benefitial. Especially with it being weed though, the more mold the better.

    Come on, GC..
  4. Careful. The pot cookie monster might gobble your stash up if you leave your bud alone for extended periods of time
  5. sorry phucking phaggots just worried about my weed................didn't know everyone on here would be an asshole about a phucking question

  6. Honestly, when you get back its either gonna be good or bad. There is no way of anyone else knowing for sure coz its the internet and you didnt even post a pic.

    I am guessing by the rage in your post that your bud turnes out bad, my condolences
  7. Then don't ask stupid "phucking" questions.
  8. no one was being a phucking asshole man:rolleyes:

    edit - beat me to it
  9. Why is everyone so hostile? It's just a question you can't learn if you don't ask...

  10. i agree with this.

    but look at my username.

  11. I lol'd at this
  12. Dude i found some weed yesterday in a plastic bag shoved inside a shoe, it had to have been more than a year old, still got high
  13. Smoke up
  14. #14 Deleted member 612655, Dec 21, 2012
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  15. will be perfectly fine.

    it will be cured like fine wine now, maybe a little harsher due to it getting a hint drier but it will be fine.

    ive saved weed for over 4 months and it was fine

  16. So lets try to put logic into your skull... When I purchase my mary, I buy 30-60 grams.... I dont smoke 60 grams in 2 weeks.... So
    60 grams,
    2g a day = 30 days
    :O Does that mean i throw half my stash away? nah man, if your smoking wet weed your getting ripped.. that shit comes dried.

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