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Is my bud smokeable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stoner63, May 4, 2011.

  1. Two days ago I brought out a decent sized nug outside to put in my bong and since I had smoked earlier in the day I accidently dropped the little bud on the ground. It sat out there the whole day but the next day I found it outside underneath my chair. It didn't rain and there wasn't any mold on the bud. It basically looks normal besides being a little damp. Can I smoke it?
  2. i would lol as long as it wasnt in dog shit or something lol.
  3. Leave it out to dry for a day (on a table inside or something), then it will be perfectly fine.
  4. dude its fucking weed smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!underage d bag

  5. lol..
  6. Can you smell the irony somewhere in this thread? I can.

    On Topic: Let it dry a bit, and you'll be golden, man. As long as during that drying period it doesn't start to mold.
  7. euca i can smell it too

  8. If anyone sounds like an "underage d bag" it would be you.:rolleyes: OP is just being cautious.

    To OP: Yeah you're fine I recently found a little .5 nug under my book case, threw it in the bubbler and it was fine.
  9. I don't see the issue here. It didn't rain or anything so it just sat on the ground outside? If that's the case then I'm positive it's perfectly fine.
  10. its weed smoke it its not gonna hurt you
  11. Yeah, if you wanna dry it fast, light a candle and hold and rotate it above the candle without producing any smoke and it should dry up fast
  12. Smoke it and seee bro. It couldnt hurt anything. Unless you dropped it in cat piss.
  13. Maybe it felt damp cause it was cold?

  14. ohhhhh......

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