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Is my bud good ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by gswizzle, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. First post :) . I live I'n staten island and everyone tells me i have good bud but
    I dnt think so .

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  2. Wtf, yea ok then:rolleyes:

    Edit: 'Everyone' tells you, you have good bud. Not just 'some' people, but 'everyone' and you still don't think you have good bud? Mmmkay then. Sounds like you know you get good bud and you're using reverse psychology or whatever to get us to tel you that you do have good bud or some shit.
  3. Haha, exactly my thinking. Just post in the Stash Jar forum section? :confused_2:

    Edit: First post, so maybe you're unfamiliar..

    Edit#2: You have posted it in the Stash Jar forum section. /facepalm.
  4. Ya srry guys about the misunderstanding . But i thaught My bud wasn't that good . And as i said it was my first post and i didn't know where to post it srry . Where should i have ?
  5. Yes OP that is some good looking bud, though the joint in the first pic could use a little TLC.
  6. Ya the first pic I's a cig srry lol
  7. ^Pretty sure that's a broken cig

    edit: beat me to it
  8. Haha lol srry
  9. My bad :eek:
    I should've been able to tell from the lines in the paper.
  10. Lol all good
  11. #11 BRojas, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
    l dnt get the queston. why ask lf YOUR weed ls good. weed ls good lf lt gets u hgh lts not as lf we could smoke lt for u [lm down lf u want to shp to me] .does lt get u hgh. do u enjoy lt. lt doesnt mean anythng lf l said lts sht or fire. lf "everyone" says lts good but u dont enjot lt then A.] u get a new dealer or B.] continue smokng lt. l think u just wanted to post ur bud shot\stash so next time just post as "new pc up" or "my stash"
  12. Yo! Thatz some good shit! I put a lighter to my phone and toked! Trippy!!
    A virtual toke!
  13. Brojas ok thanks for the advice and boomes thanks . I just dnt hVe much variety were i am and just was curiose of the grAde of it but thanks
  14. stop flaming bros,

    yes that nug with the purp in it looks pretty frosty, plus the WU crew is from staten so theres gotta be some good bud flowin in through there
  15. Wu Tang I's the best lol
  16. Well since you can't tell by just smoking it yourself, i will tell you that weed like that where i'm from would sell for about 10-15$ a grain. possibly up to $20 for skeezers and bums, but friend price would be appx. 10-15 per gram.

    It looks like you have 2 diff types or somethin, pics 2 and 4 look like maybe 20 a g shit.
  17. Ya there all different
  18. If you're from Staten Island, you should be able to get better bud then that.
  19. That's what i think but i just cnt find the hook up

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