Is my Bong too old?

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  1. What’s up Blades, if that’s even a thing here anymore
    I haven’t posted in a few years, but I have a great question I’d like some input on. Can my bong be too old?
    I have a C2 custom creations “mini bubbler” inline stem, shower head perk bong. I’ve owned this piece for the last 11+ years, and it’s treated me great. The problem is, as soon as I clean it, it gets dirty in the same exact spots almost immediately. For example, if I clean my piece tonight, and use it the following day, the resin build up is almost instant. Inside the stem as well as right above the water line. Even the curved neck gets quick little resin spots from the smoke. Nowadays I boil a bit of water in an electric tea kettle, and give it a shake before I run 70% iso alcohol and table salt. Makes everything come off easy, pretty quickly. I changed it up recently and just did it with tap water before the iso and salt shake. Same result again as usual. What gives? Is my glass too old? Is the alcohol not strong enough? Should I use sand from my local beach or something? Am I going crazy? Maybe it’s time to retire this and get a new piece. Maybe, probably… lol
    Thanks in advanced.
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  2. old as fuck:GettingStoned:
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  3. This is my wild ass guess, but I use a lot of scientific glass at work, and I've seen what you are describing before.

    For us the issue was the the cleaning solutions we were using (sandy stuff suspended in a solution like formula 420) Over many years, the abrasive nature of the cleaners was wearing tiny "micro scratches" into the glass. These tiny grooves pretty much invisible to the naked eye, are magnets for smoke, particulates, dirt etc, causing our glass to dirty up much more quickly as it ages (some glass can also have an ultra smooth finish to ease cleaning, which certain cleaners can scratch), this glass was being cleaned roughly 3-5 times per week for 5-10 years.

    I don't know if you can really "re-finish" glass if this is the case (we just recycle and get new flasks, beakers etc once they become more trouble than they are worth)

    May or may not apply to your situation, but its the only thing similar I've encountered before, hopefully it was helpful.

    (I have an old bong myself that is now basically "retired" as it blacks up so quickly, only break it out for special occasions / guests as I know I'll be cleaning it in the morning)
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  4. Considering very little good engineering is done on these bongs back then or even now,
    no bongs, don't age, simply as for many are seen as 'art' work'
    you can see that more so with the latest versions, many members often come to GC to ask if they should buy this bong or that bong, I always advise, think of how you are gonna clean it first, as often many 'new' bongs can't be cleaned ....fully
    I too suffer the same as you , one puff and its back to looking it ain't been clean for months,
    I put it down to worn glass layer inside, that just keeps attracting tars to that same spot
    Worst: to replace my $85.00 bong now will cost $210.00, so I'll keep cleaning and bitching

    good luck
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  5. Own several bongs, always have one soaking with rock salt inside.
    I switch then out every 4 to 5 days
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  6. WTF did you change your name ?
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  7. Oh shit, i Can see already the new cleaning shit. ...........ABSOLUTE scratch free ingredients. Guaranteed not to scratch your Glasbong. That stuff is so soft you can rubclean your nipples with it.:dance2:
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  8. I'm guessing there might be a market for that for hard core marathon+ runners
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  9. I thought it needed change Im a Swede now
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